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Scooter or a real MC?

Asked by Cardinal (2916points) June 1st, 2008

I’m comuting about 20 miles one way and fuel prices are killing me. Paid 427.9 for medium grade today. My Mustang gets single digit milage. I used to ride motorcycles years and years ago and still like them. Thinking of gas milage. Any recomendatios between one of the big (450 to 650cc scooters vs a real, full sized motorccle. I like the 500cc Royal Enfield best but dealers a few and far between. So I am going to go mainstream with what ever I buy.

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Is it a ‘better gas mileage vs. looks sort of question? I say get the better mileaged one.

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Thanks Wiz, mainly a comfort/safty thing. Anything except a M1A1 Abrams Tank gets better milage compared to my GT 350

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Basically, looks are merely an after-look if-you-have-the-money sort of thing. Safety first, price second (willing to pay more to keep myself safe) and looks are for third. I would rather drive a stained pillow than a gold spike ball if you know what I mean.

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If it’s safety you’re concerned about, skip the bikes & get an affordable car that gets better mileage.

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Like @pupntaco, I agree on the safety issue. You’re no safer on a motorcycle than a scooter (the only significant difference being horsepower, and that can get you into as much trouble as it gets you out of).

There are plenty of small cars from Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, etc. that can provide motorcycle-level fuel economy… and are significantly safer for you.

That said, the bigger the bike, the more comfortable it likely is to be. For daily commutes of twenty miles one way, I’d prefer a real bike than just a scooter. You don’t need to get a Goldwing or anything else that big. I’d shoot for something around 750cc or so, ideally with a windshield and what you find to be a comfortable stance.

The specifics are about preference and taste. So test drive everything you’re considering.

And if you feel like it, let us know what you get and the tipping points on your decision.

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