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Do you think it is really the "END" for the UnderTaker?

Asked by butters326 (17points) June 1st, 2008 from iPhone

I just got done watching “WWE” one night stand. Undertaker got destroyed in the match and he lost..
and vicky said if he is to lose he will be gone from the WWE
Do you think its the end

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No idea. Don’t watch the gringo wrastlin’.

But I did read something interesting.

jlelandg's avatar said that he was supposed to take a little time off as well as Batista (so it was surprising he beat Michaels). With those two out and Randy Orton with a broken collar bone they might need Vince McMahon to give away more than a few million over the next few weeks to keep the people’s interest.

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no, honestly how many wrestlers acutually follow the rules of wrestling, undertaker has a lot at stake, his pride, honor, and best of all he seeks revenge. edge instigated an unfair match like what was it 5 against 1. yeah sure it was impresive that undertaker took out all 4 and a half men. but he was to tired to win, edge took the opportunity, shove, crash and bam a new champion. 18 years!! undertaker is to valuable to the businness to be gone.
he ain’t going anywhere the deadman always rises again.

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