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What's the nastiest thing you ever experienced?

Asked by linguaphile (14300points) July 30th, 2012

I can’t sleep. I did something earlier tonight and can’t get my mind off it.

My cat pooped in the laundry and I just ran a load of wash and found sphere-ized poop at the bottom when I unloaded the “clean” clothes. I have visions of fecal matter all over the clothes, embedded in every fiber. I don’t think I’ll be able to wear anything in that load again. I am still gagging.

What’s the grossest thing you’ve experienced? This is in the top 5 for me for sure.

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As a young, innocent teen living in a hardass neighborhood, I went to the corner store and got myself a slurpee. I walked down the alley with it, and what do I see? A homeless woman squatting by a building, taking a great big shit. I looked at her all bug eyed, and she smiled at me. I distinctly recall how she had really bad teeth, and how others were missing. That poor woman just didn’t give a fuck. Disgusted me, made me sad and scared. And my slurpee just didn’t seem appealing anymore.
I saw her around a lot though, she was often having fits, and once she threw a glass bottle at me. Last I heard, which was more than 10 years ago, she got some therapy for all her drug use and stuff, and was doing a little better. Nevertheless, seeing her take a crap like that in really grossed me out.

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If thats the worst thing that ever happened to you, my friend, feel blessed.

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@trailsillustrated, it isn’t the worst thing, no. I’ve been through quite a bit of hell for too much of my life. But for icky gross things, this is in the top 5. The top-top one would probably be when I was projectile-vomited on by a drunk guy.

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Thats a good thing, I guess @linguaphile . Same as, if that’s the worst thing, consider yourself lucky. lol

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Hm, isn’t cat poop cute?
When I was in elementary school,
I used a spoon and a set of chopsticks that were in a plastic bag
which had been already once used by my father who used it as a curing tool.
He put vinegar in that plastic bag and put one of his feet to cure his athlete’s food.
And my mother, unaware of the nature of that used plastic bag, put my spoon
and chopsticks in it and with them I had lunch…..... wondering what might have happened
to my eating utensils. I had to struggle to remove that memory for a long time.

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When I bit into a peach, put it down while chewing on it, and then looked at it and saw thousands of tiny white, slimy larvae of something and one half of a large worm-like creature. And when I spit out what I had been chewing, tons of still moving little critters that had been in my mouth.

I still can’t eat peaches.

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Many years ago I cleaned out the bath tub drain with my bare hands one morning in order to take a shower before work. My roommate, Peter, had showered before me, and apparently masturbated while doing so, because I suddenly had a mysterious gooey white substance on my hands. Considering his daughters were staying with us that week, it made sense that the only place he could have private time would be the bathroom, so why not toss one off in the shower before work, right?

So, yeah, I got his…stuff on my bare hands. Yay.

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Inspecting a hotel suite where there was enough blood on just about every surface that made me wonder if the ‘donor’ made it out of the hotel alive.

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The first time I witnessed a dog eating this other pooch’s shite, actually as it was flowing from it’s arsehole, sort of like “on tap”
I was visibly distressed for several hours later, the dirty, dirty bastards!

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I let a woman persuade me into having sex with her while she was menstruating. It was my first time doing that and I was already grossed out by it.

Seeing all the blood made it worse and I’ll never do that again. I still felt like the blood was on me even though I wore a condom and took a shower after.

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@Blackberry Too bad you didn’t have vampire dick.

Once when I was a kid, I was enjoying sipping thick delicious soup directly from a bowl when slowly, this thing from the bottom of the bowl started to surface, gradually filling my whole line of vision. I wasn’t sure what it was so I kept sipping, the thing getting closer to my mouth. When finally, my eyes focused, I realized it was a tiny dead lizard-! Up in the air went the bowl of unfinished soup.

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@ucme That is so funny (and gross)! Sounds like that dog was at the Poo Pub!

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Piles of dis-articulated human arms and legs, without skin, muscles severed, rising up from the formaldehyde bath in which they were stored. It was anatomy class and we got the left overs from med school dissection classes and had to find the origin of a muscle and then the insertion, pull the dead meat tissues together to get an idea of how the muscles fit together. It was just gruesome. A clean dissection of a whole body is much preferable.

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Reading this question is now tops!

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Being sloppy sick drunk one night, I stumbled into a public restroom and had both arms draped over the yucky seat, most of my body sagged on the yucky floor which wasn’t entirely dry and I had a long drive home in those clothes. The clothes and shoes got thrown away and my car got a full interior detail. Me, I soaked in the tub and still had “phantom smells” on my skin for a few days.

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@Kardamom Seriously, this question brought back a vision i’d long since buried :¬(

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Getting very, very airsick and the bag they gave me wasn’t up to the job.

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I’m sure there are plenty of disgusting incidents I’ve experienced that I can’t quite remember. The most memorable incident wasn’t too disgusting. Long ago when I was in the first grade at lunch, I was enjoying a carton of milk when I slurped up a mysterious chunk. I spat out my milk to find a dead fly. It was so traumatizing that I never drank milk ever again.

@linguaphile Speaking of cat poop, there was an incident in which my sister’s hair straightener fell into the cat box and someone put it back onto the counter. Unaware of the feces smeared on it, she went ahead and straightened her hair before going off to school. It wasn’t until lunch when she realized she had cat crap in her hair and on her shirt so I went into the restroom with her to help wash it off.

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Back when we could still buy M-80’s a friend and….I, thought it would be cool to sink one in a huge pile of cow shit and light it. We miscalculated how quick the fuze would burn and it splattered us while we were trying to move away. There was crap on everything including us and a nearby building but none where the pile was originally. It was on our lips and hair.

Good learning experience.

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Well I have handled my own small intestine, that was fun.

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Working search and rescue, the worst was finding a “floater.” I won’t go into the details . . .

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OK, up until a few weeks ago, it was an experience I had when I was 13. I had a second molar that was about to break through the skin, and an X-Ray showed that it was all rotted and they wanted to take it out before it broke through. So, I had oral surgery to remove it, and it left a flap of my gum hanging in the back of my mouth by a thread of skin. I was told it would fall off within a couple days, I’d estimate it was about the size of a jelly bean, and I kept playing with it with my tongue, hoping to get it out of there. I was very careful when I was eating, but one day, about 4 days after surgery, I was eating a burrito. I felt the chunk of skin with my tongue, ate a bite of burrito, swallowed, and re-checked my flap of skin with my tongue, only to find it gone. But what happened to me a few weeks back was so bad, I hesitate to even mention it. So, here goes.

I was at work, I felt fine, went to lunch, and was on my way back when I got that urgent, oh my God, I have to find a toilet feeling. I was on the access road to my work when the feeling hit, and usually I’m pretty well able to hold it no matter how urgent. I’ve had some “photo finishes” if you will, but I’ve never had more than a miniscule amount escape no matter how urgent the feeling and how long I’ve been holding it. I get out of my car and walk about 20 feet to the main entrance. It’s probably another 20 feet to the closest bathroom, and I high tail it, thinking it’s gonna be another photo finish. Only problem was about 15 feet from the bathroom door it was like opening the ark of the covenant. It just exploded out of me and I’m running…its running down my legs, into my socks…fortunately none of it reached the floor until I left the carpeted commons area and arrived on the tile bathroom floor.

There was more on the floor than got in the toilet…there is one person I work with who was leaving the bathroom as I was going in, and I can’t rightly say if he was able to figure out what I was going through, and I never asked him out of sheer embarrassment, but through the half an hour it took to clean off my legs, the floor and everywhere else in the stall, no one else came in. My underwear were not salvageable, and quite frankly, if I’d had a change of clothes, I wouldn’t have kept the shorts I was wearing. But I couldn’t walk out of the bathroom and walk through 20 feet of common area and 20 feet of parking lot naked from the waist down, but my shorts were covered. I couldn’t even walk out of the stall and wash my shorts out in the sink as I’d have to be naked in the common area of the bathroom and anyone could have walked in at any time, and mine is not the only company in the building. I’m frankly shocked no one came in during that whole time, but I was forced to, after cleaning up myself and the floor, submerge my shorts, with my hands, into the toilet bowl, the PUBLIC toilet bowl and wash them as well as I could so at least no crap was on them. THEN of course I had to put on these shorts soaked in public toilet water. I had to find something to cover my seat with, and I called work to tell them I’d gotten sick and was going home.

I showered in very hot water for a very long time and put on some clean clothes and took a nap.

And I can’t believe I told this story.

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I have had so many, but what popped into mind was this one. There was a guy at school, he was so divine. I had such a mad crush on him. Whenever I saw him, I’d grab my poor friends arm and dig my nails into it. That’s how bad the crush was. He never really noticed me, as I was not the prettiest girl at school by any means.

One night we were all at a house party and I was invited along with my best friend and of course “he” was there. Some hints later and next moment he asked if I would like to go and sit outside around the pool.

This was the moment I had waited for, I was dizzy with anticipation. I was just so sure I was going to make him love me!! (I was 14). Off we went and found a patch of grass to sit on together, looking up at the moon. All was going well until I leaned back and realized my palm had landed on some dog shit. I didn’t move, I was devastated and the disturbed shit began to stink too. As you can imagine I really did not succeed in making him fall madly in love with me!

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When I was about 16 I went on a hiking trip in the Pennines with my school. It was about February or March, and the weather was just warming up after a cold and snowy winter.

I was in the front of the group and at one point I was the first person to climb a stile over a stone wall. When I dropped down on the other side I landed feet-first in the carcass of a dead sheep that looked as though it hat been lying there for months. The stench made me vomit.

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So many things come to mind! Time to lose any trace of dignity I might have had on this site. I’ve been crapped on by innumerable birds, I’ve ingested far too many bugs considering I’m a vegetarian, I’ve sat in crap (not human, at least…), I’ve completely failed at using Indian toilets…

@linguaphile: Hey! I was projectile vomited on as well! I was walking around Mumbai pretty drunk, and some poor fuck even drunker than I, vomited the remains of what can I only assume was chicken tikka onto my head and back. From a bar on the roof of a building. Even at the time, I was astonished at his aim rather than angry. I was mostly upset because it fucked up the brand new silk shirt my relatives had just bought me as a welcoming-present. This is my most colorful story from India… Because the shirt was bright purple, and the vomit…bright red.

@Blackberry: You think that’s gross? And I bet you’ve never even had to menstruate!

What’s with all the bodily function-related questions in Social recently???

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Ive seen:

1. a hobo take a crap in public infront of a bounch of kids.

2. A guy eat scabs off his face

3. drivers picking their nose in the car then eating it (very common)

4. Giant rats (size of cats) in london metro station.

5. Biting into an apple after realizing that it was infested with warms…

Shall I carry on??

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When I accidently drank my own bloody underware water.
Yes, sadly this is true. lol
Woke up one morning to a girly accident and put my panties in a blue crystal glass to soak on the counter until I got home that night.
Hours later when I got home from work I had forgotten all about them and spied a glass of what I thought was soda on the counter.

I figured it was my ex’s drink and took a nice big gulp…froze with the sudden recollection and spit out what I hadn’t already swallowed. Aaaagh….so disgusting!

Then there was the cockroach in my Thai food, a pill bug in a can of soup, an ice cream cone with a worn in it and the time I had a picnic next to a bloated, dead dog in the weeds whose head fell off when I tried to rotate it’s collar to look for ID. Gag! Double gag!

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