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Do you not believe in aura?

Asked by dumitus (657points) July 30th, 2012

Okay, maybe the way I use this word may be incorrect.
By aura, to me it means a feeling or an atmosphere
you get around someone.
If that someone is a good person or a wicked person,
you can feel it.
you can’t tell for sure, but you do have a feeling that they
are like this or like that.
This is not scientific but I somehow believe that a kind of
aura or energy spurts out of every person, especially when that
person has strong emotions or thoughts.

It is studied that, when severely blamed or sworn at, flowers
die earlier than those not.
No way flowers can understand human language, let alone
the fact that human language is various.

This only adds weight to my theory that a person has some kind
of aura. Even if one is wearing no facial expressions
or is not doing anything,
you always can guess what they may be like.
And your guess is almost correct most of time.

But this is observed only by those who are sensitive.
I agree a sensitive person often misunderstands people’s
Once I was sitting on a bus next to a couple of guys.
And I didn’t even see their faces nor could I even
understand what they were speaking, but I had this strong feeling
that they were wicked people.
Can you imagine I was scared just at the voices of them?
And you hear a lot of cases where criminals were arrested
on the spot by suspicious people around them.
What do you think?

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Well, I wouldn’t say aura. And I wouldn’t say I know for sure if someone is bad or good, but sometimes I get feelings from people or places and if those feelings are bad, I don’t really tend to stick around long enough to figure out if I was just being superstitious.

But I usually crop it up to my subconscious mind noticing things that my conscious mind doesn’t. Maybe I can’t consciously read body language as well as my subconscious can, and it picks up on things and lets me know in the form of that weird feeling in my stomach.

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I agree. Subconscious mind works very well. It surprises me.

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I don’t believe that stuff. I contribute it to our minds noticing subtle details.

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Interesting. Still, maybe there is science in what I think is only superstitious.

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It would depend upon what mental functions must be present before a mind can be said to be operating. If consciousness is required, since cognition is the last in the series of mental functions, then it becomes likely that a recognition of subtle cues will have initiated an emotional state and a reflexive action before one is aware.

I think that the ‘aura’ you experience as identifying evil, originated as an angst arising from similarities between aspects of the present situation and recalled experiences and/or stereotypes, and I doubt that it exists anywhere outside of your mind. However, I would trust this intuition, trust but verify.

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If an aura exists, I don’t think that I have the gift. I thought it had to do with seeing or feeling some type of color that encompassed another creature.

The only examples I can offer are two. When the church our parents belonged to took in the new minister and his wife while they were house-hunting, I went home for a visit. At the dinner table, I suddenly got this feeling that there was something wrong with the minister. It wasn’t anything that he said; it might have been triggered by some body language, as @athenasgriffin suggests, although it didn’t feel that way. Maybe it was in the tone of what he said. I just don’t know. All that I can tell you is that he was asked to leave a year or so later, and the ministry did not reassign him, which is unusual.

The other example may not apply. It has to do with pheromones. I used to run a workshop that ran two weeks. When not speaking, I sat at a table in the back of the classroom. One time, there were two participants seated next to each other, and they were the closest ones to me. Despite having their backs to me and not displaying any body language that showed that they had hooked up, there was this constant wave of something that told me that they had. On the last day of class, I asked them. Yeah, it wasn’t any of my business, but I had to know. They admitted that they had.

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An aura is the electromagnetic energy field that some people say encompasses each person’s body. I believe some people can discern spirits. @dumitus, welcome to Fluther. Perhaps you are sensing people’s spirits; good or bad spirits.

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Stephen King’s book “Insomnia” (fiction) talks a lot about auras. Of course this is not a scientific answer for you by any means, but it’s fun to see how he imagines them. There is another genre-fiction book about auras that I read when I was a kid, “The Celestine Prophecy.” It’s kind of a metaphysical, New Age adventure tale and was very popular when it came out.
I do believe in energy fields and that some people are more sensitive/intuitive than others, but I haven’t done any real research in this subject.

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I knew a fellow teacher who claimed she saw auras;different colors around people. She saw some students, who were not well behaved, as having black auras. I thought it was hogwash.

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I know what you’re implying. I call them good/bad vibrations. My ability to single out people who I know will cause me trouble or not has been frightenly accurate. People usually will say that I’m paranoid, but yet my premise always comes true.

Sometimes a person’s mannerisms, demeanor, key words they say or the types of people they associate with are dead giveaways too. I am a very spriritual person, and I do believe that bad people really do have lower vibrations, while decent people have higher vibrations.

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Yes I do believe in a persons aura, it is to me like an energy field. It has no explanation because it is something we are still learning to understand, yet, it is primitive and has always been there. I think being civil as well as social influences turn us away from peoples auras, instead we are taught to hear words, see written products and also judge actions. These are mostly learned of course, and some skew them for their own benefit.

Auras however, have their own vital root, they do not have learning, nor social filters, I believe they form our core but can be changed by emotionality , something else science battles to measure and understand.

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I don’t believe in a person’s aura. If that were true, it would have been a whole lot harder for me to do so many things.

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I believe in aura, and usually people that are sensitive to their environment can see them… @dumitus, the flower statement you made is somewhat true. Flowers are living things too, they need light energy and alot of care to survive for a long period of time… I had these white orchids once… Ive never seen such a thing; If I was in a good mood and when I would put on music they would ‘dance’ (vibrate) and a new orchid would bloom over night… But then… there was a week that I was feeling depressed and every day a petal would fall down… See like anything in the world… When we project positive energy everything is more beautiful and things evolve. When we are depressed we project negativity and everything around us weakens. Makes sense no? There is so much energy in the world that I believe its only possile that it comes in different shapes and colours… And the aura is basically the color of the energies that we are channeling onto ourselves :)

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I believe in the aura in the sense of an electro-magnetic field surrounding a living thing (not just people). The body functions by electro-magnetic impulses in the nerves so it makes sense that there is a “field” of some sort with all that activity going on.

I also believe that it’s possible to sense, on a subconscious level, the things that you describe.

However I don’t believe that the two things are related in any way. That electro-magnetic field extends only a few millimetres so you’d have to be just about touching them to sense it. When we sense things about other people, like whether they are evil, it’s more likely to be because of subtle clues in their behaviour.

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