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What jobs can you do as a commissioned officer in the Air Force? And can you get in If you have just a G.E.D?

Asked by Aflove (16points) July 30th, 2012
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Do not take this as 100% fact as my info is tainted by my memory…. 2–3 years ago when I graduated college I almost joined the military as a fall back because I couldn’t find any jobs to my liking/pay requirements (I’m a chemist). I was going to enlist as an officer because the pay is more. I interviewed with Navy, Army, and Air Force recruiters (I wanted to try to find something to do with science so I was still using my degree, and the Marines didn’t really offer that).

The Navy and Army recruiters were both happy to have me and made full court pushes to get me to sign up. They showed me the most scientific jobs they had to offer (with the Navy offering a couple very interesting options, though they wouldn’t have been officer positions). The Air Force recruiter, didn’t seem to care that I was in his building. He was about my age at the time (24ish), he was wearing gym shorts and a random t-shirt (not at all in uniform). He spoke extremely casually and in no uncertain terms told me they weren’t looking for any officers, and that if I wanted to sign up they might be able to find me a spot as a regular enlistee. That’s with my degree, a 98 on the asvab, and obvious interest in pursuing enlistment. If I recall correctly, you can’t become an officer without having a degree (at least not without starting as a regular enlisted man).

(the hardcore military types will please forgive me for the terms and whatnot I’ve almost certainly messed up in this)

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you need a MINIMUM of a B.A. or B. S. to be considered, and even that is not guaranteed to get you in.

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I think your best bet is to speak to a recruiter. You have lots of questions regarding being in the Air Force and a recruiter is the best person to answer them.

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Please contact a recruiter with your Air Force questions. They have all the current, accurate information you need.

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To my knowledge you cannot Join any branch of service with a GED and @DrBill is correct you need a minimun of a B.A. to be considered for officer candidacy upon recruitment.
AND please do not take everything that a Recruiter sais to be absolute Fact. There are alot of them that are just trying to meet the quata. And do not let a recuiter con you into enlisting into a job you do not want to do. Lastly, always ask about the bonus opprotunities.

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