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What are some life tips for people who are sensitive to sound and vibration?

Asked by SpideySense (212points) July 30th, 2012

I thought I had migraines so I moved to Jasper National Park. I would like to know where I can go or work next in order to be comfortable.

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Researcher for an academician


Forest Ranger

Gardener for a large estate

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What kind of environment were you in before Jasper? I take it it was noisy, but what was the cause of the vibration, and what kinds of vibrations affect you?

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@codette I think I had a lot of concussions as a kid… maybe one of them took… I grew up in a loud city… I don’t like electrical vibrations.

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Read Highly Sensitive People ..can’t remember the author but your situation is not unusual at all. :)

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