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Audio help with converting an Xbox to a monitor?

Asked by shniernan (981points) July 30th, 2012

So, I am completely dumbfounded as to what I should do about my most recent technological nuisance.

I just inherited a computer monitor from a friend, that only has DVI/VGA inputs, so I bought an HDMI to DVI cable to connect the monitor to my xbox.

This monitor LITERALLY has three slots on the back of it, one for DVI, one for VGA, and one for the power source. Now, as one can infer, this leaves no option for audio while gaming… As the monitor doesn’t even have speakers built in.

My question is… How can I get audio from my game, while still using this monitor as a screen? I am open to maybe buying external speakers… But there is no port for them on the monitor, and no port on it for the xbox either, to my knowledge.

I am also open to buying new gaming headphones… But I don’t know which ones I WOULD get that would give me game audio, without there being any way to transmit audio to the monitor.

I’m really just clueless to the situation, and in dire need of help! Thanks for any suggestions.

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buy a pair of headphones and hook them up to the xbox. Your not getting sound because DVI doesn’t do audio.

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To get audio you need a stereo female RCA to mini-plug adapter, for connecting the audio out on your Xbox 360 to your computer speakers. This can be purchased in any Radioshack or a discount store or you can easily order it online from Amazon or MonoPrice.

There are many variations you could assemble. Something like this wont require any additional cables just connect it to back of Xbox and to speaker wire.

An adapter like this would require extra cables.

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@nyboy718 – Even if I connected sound to the computer monitor… It has no built-in speakers. Not even any ports to connect external speakers.

@Mr_Paradox – Yes, but where do I connect headphones to my xbox? I already stated that DVI doesn’t transmit audio, but the headphones would need SOME port to connect to, to receive audio. There is no such port on the monitor OR the xbox console, to my knowledge.

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I have a pair of Turtle Beach Headphones. They have a transmitter that hooks up to a USB port on the back of an xbox.

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@Mr_Paradox – I have a pair of Turtle Beach x11’s from forever ago, and they require a USB plug-in to the xbox… But they also require the red and white audio plugs INTO the TV or whatever… That was my main concern. I’ll try these ones out, though.

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You obviously don’t understand this. The only thing you’re connecting to the monitor is the video out from the Xbox. The sound has nothing to do with the monitor. To get sound you need to get speakers and then connect it to the Xbox as I stated how previously.

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There are also hundreds of videos on YouTube showing how to do exactly what I said. Just search connect Xbox to computer monitor.

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