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What's a good text message to send to a girl I haven't seen in a while?

Asked by johnny (335points) July 30th, 2012 from iPhone

I used to date this girl, and I saw her the other day. She looked really good and I asked her for her number. Now I need something good to text her. I’m looking for any suggestions you guys have. It can be funny, witty, sentimental, sweet, or anything else in between.

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I use this line a lot, and it always starts a spirited conversation….

OK I hid the body, now what?

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Why not try something different from everyone else: call her and talk to her. Otherwise you send a text, and you get back either a “haha’ or an “aww, sweet.”

You can send something funny, but I’d say something more like “nice running into you, how about dinner Friday to get caught up with each other?”.

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“Wow, I didn’t expect to run into one of my prettier friends… What have you been up to, anyways? ;)”

Be sure to tell us how it goes, too.

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Hi, I am having a friend ghost write my comments to you because after one look, I am tongue-tied.

Or read “Cyrano de Bergerac.”

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Hey, havent seen you in a while. Wanna catch up?

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I’m with @zenvelo on this one and use what the phone was originally invented for and CALL HER. It will make you stand out more than any other guy at least! And you can have the same conversation on the phone. Hey it was good seeing you the other day, would you want to get together and catch up?

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In the good ol days, when people asked each other for their phone numbers it was because they actually wanted to use the number for it’s original purpose, namely calling them on the phone.

What’s the matter with that?

Be original. Since almost everybody is texting nowadays, why not stand out from the crowd?

Pick up the phone and talk to her. Be different. She’ll definitely remember you for the effort.

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@Buttonstc Were you in my mind just now!?!?!?!

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Well, great minds….and you know the rest.

I’m hopelessly old school. The only thing I’ve ever used text for is to hit reply and authorize total when the phone company texts me my bill. I’ve never initiated a text in my life and don’t plan on it unless I need to notify cops if I’m being held hostage in a bank robbery. Otherwise I don’t see the point of typing when I can actually have a real time conversation. Crazy.

When I ask for someone number it means I will actually call them. Period.

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“hey beautiful”

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No offense but if calling was still the thing to do, it would be 1995. First, I’m not trying to marry this chick. Second, calling her implies I’m really eager to talk to her, which I’m not. I just want to “date” her for a night or two. Third, a quick, funny or cute text always gets girls thinking about you more than a call. It’s in writing so she can keep going back to it. It’s a virtual seed. Fourth, I went with @DrBill‘s the first and the best. She loved it too. She replied, “aww now Bonnie’s found her Clyde again.” Great work doc!

All kidding aside though, thank you all for the suggestions, and when I’m ready to settle down and get serious I will definitely use @Buttonstc and @Ponderer983 ‘s suggestions.

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“I’m really eager to talk to her, which I’m not. I just want to “date” her for a night or two.”
Huh? You don’t want to talk to her but you want to ‘date’ her?
Maybe I’m old-fashioned but seems like talking goes well with dating.
If that’s not the way young people roll anymore, why not put it straight to her “How about a hookup?”

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“Calling her implies that I’m really eager to talk to her, which I’m not.”

Lucky, lucky Bonnie. Even your crass text messages are ghost written. Let’s hope that she wants only to “date” also.

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@dabbler He wants to fuck her is basically the gist of that.

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^^I think we all got that.

“Talking on the phone went out in 1995”? Does that mean that he will simply grunt while on their “date”? It sounds better and better.

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@gailcalled It seems like all he wants to do is grunt, or moan lol wink wink.

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Congrats to you johnny. There aren’t a whole lot of people who make it to my mental list of those who’s Qs I will pass over in the future, but you’re now right there at the top. Matter of fact you’re currently the only one.

If all you wanted was a quick booty call, you should have just been straightforward about your crass intentions. Then you wouldn’t have to be bothered by all those annoyingly thougtful replies you have no use for.

And then everybody is happy all around.

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Okay, yes I saw this girl that used to hook up with the other day. And yes, all I want to do is f**k her. All I wanted was something funny or sweet to text her. Slutty chicks still like sweet, you know? @Buttonstc I think you take this fluther stuff way too seriously. Honestly, how old is everyone here? You all seem like you are way out of touch. I won’t ever use Fluther again. Bunch of geriatrics.

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Adios @johnny you will not be missed.

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That’s for sure :)

A great candidate for YA if I ever saw one :)

They’re much more in touch with immature, trollish or half-crazy over there.

Go forth and find “your people”, Johnny.


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