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Are you ready to play Fluther Jeopardy part two?

Asked by Mr_Paradox (3044points) July 30th, 2012

It’s back and better than before (hopefully)! The rules are simple:

1) all questions must be in the form of an answer.
2) topic and prize must be included.
3) answer must be in the form of a question.
4) any jelly may point out that another jelly is wrong, but must have proof.
5) be funny and excercise your sense of humor!

Now introducing your host: Mr_Paradox!
I’ll start off.

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Angles and Demons for a pair of demonic wings
This many demons fought against gods angelic army.

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Please—angels, not angles, unless I am very,very dumb.
The camerlengo’s [then Pope’s] parachute constituted one pair of wings.
the camerlengo was his own demon. I pair of wings for all.
The hero was left wingless to fall in a pile of shit.

When he said “mark twain” he got two. same prize as @Mr_Paradox offers

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@Mr_Paradox What is Legion?

@Mr_Paradox Who is Samuel Langhorne Clemens?

Hollywood blondes for the chainsaw in the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

This sultry actress who became famous as Brown, sang songs years earlier to Burt Reynold’s character in the movie Starting Over.

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@mazingerz88 Sam Clemens was aka Mark Twain

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Who was my old pal Candice Bergen (I once pissed her off while on a movie set).

Submarine movies for a free root canal (practice makes perfect)

He played the captain of the submarine movie co-written by Quentin Tarantino

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@mazingerz88 right ballpark, wrong answer. Mark Twain got two drinks at the bar: his pen name was based on telling the barkeep to “mark twain”

Candace was also “Charlie Mccarthy’s little sister”

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@whitenoise I thought @Mr_Paradox ‘s question [you said huh?] was about Dan Brown’s novel, Angels and Demons.
@Mr_Paradox shouldn’t I get a judgement for that? [nevermind, I forgot to say WHAT is one pair of wings, i.e camerlengo’s parachute.]

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@filmfann Who was Gene Hackman?

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