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Do you also have the Olympic blahs?

Asked by zensky (13357points) July 31st, 2012

They seem to be, well, humdrum.

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Not yet, and since I haven’t seen Sir Bolt run yet, I might not get them.

I’ve enjoyed watching some of the basketball games. One aspect of the coverage I’m interested in is what NBA players play for what countries. E.g., Tony Parker is playing for France, and Manu Ginobili is playing for Argentina, so if the US doesn’t win the gold, I might just be able to blame it on the Spurs. ;-p

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Yes, because I cannot figure out when the women’s gymnastics events are. I would have assumed that they would be in prime time hours, just like women’s figure skating, guess I was wrong because I haven’t seen any of it. That’s the only sport I care about in the summer Olympics.

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No, I’m actually more into watching them this year than ever before.

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I haven’t watched anything but the opening ceremony. Sport bores me, generally.

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Nope. I’ve been enjoying the swimming, pairs diving, and gymnastics.

Admittedly, beach volleyball and water polo were were boring – but that’s the beauty of DVR. Fast Forward

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@Kardamom Women’s gymnastics are mostly next week. Check the schedules, it’s just been the qualifying so far.

We’ve been watching, but the coverage has been spotty on NBC in the states. TV likes to show sports here in which the US has been strong in the past, but the US is not as strong in swimming or diving. It’s been fun to watch some Brits get medals at home though.

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The basketball has been good, I love beach volleyball (but am disappointed the women are still wearing the skimpiest bikinis), regular volleyball is one of my favorites also. The gymnastics is on here, I have seen men on parallel bars and tumbling, women doing floor exercises. I like the equestrian and kayaking. Actually I have been watching and enjoying quite a lot.

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No, loving it as per usual.

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Funny you should ask. I can’t seem to generate any interest, and I keep wondering what the heck is wrong with me. I feel like the only one who doesn’t really care one way or another.

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You’re not the only one. NBC is getting a lot of grief because of the way they have scheduled and what events they have decided to show. It’s a really big deal for the athletes participating and it’s a good international get-together, but my personal interest is waning. I’m looking forward to the soccer, but who knows if it will be broadcast when I can see it. Fencing might be fun to watch. Will I be able to see it?

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No, I’m still enjoying them!I was very pleased that the GB Equestrian team got a silver medal today!

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I haven’t watched any of it and don’t care to.

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I am not a sports fan but I like watching the best in the world compete. A lot of the events seem odd, beach volleyball for example, but I have enjoyed watching judo, table tennis and archery.

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I find them boring anyway, but I refuse to watch them due to their connection historically and presently with promoting authoritarianism and funneling money to the military-industrial complex.

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I can’t get enough of the women’s beach volleyball. Are there other games?

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@Ron_C Not really.

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The male’s swimmers bodies are ogle-worthy.

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So glad to be back in Canada and watching Canadian coverage. NBC is extremely biased. I find it funny that when their men were bombing at gymnastics, NBC cut to another event. No more Olympic coverage for you, men’s team!!!

I’ve talked to many who feel this way. I called my sister, who once lived in Texas and asked her if the States were biased with their coverage. Her response: ya think? hahaha


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I still have an interest, but I only get to see what NBC broadcasts. I am very disappointed in the sponsors. The McDonald’s ads are rude. I’ve always hated the VISA ads for their superciliousness. The whole show is tainted by how its broadcast and by the sponsors arrogance. And to top it off, one of Romney’s PACs has an ad about how he’s the best because of how he handled the Olympics when he ran them, right down to the comment about the security!

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