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Anyone knows when the 2.0 firmware will be released for iPhone and iPod Touch since we're in June already?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) June 1st, 2008 from iPhone
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June 9th at WWDC.

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You have to buy it at a store? I heard that places will sell it, I thought it was purchaseable through itunes…?

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@ Wizard

It’s a software upgrade, it will be available through iTunes when released.

iPod touch users get your wallets prepared.

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Why do sites say “it will be released at the WWDC”?

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prepared??? Is it going to be expensive??? I have the iPod, I just want that firmware out, no matter the price, hubby will pay it for me, LOL! Any news recently?

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WWDC – World Wide Developers Conference.

It will cost money, probably around the price it was for the January software. $19.99

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LOL I was scared!! I can’t wait!! Is it sure that it’ll be released then??

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2late2be, I just made sure for you, the set date is June 9th 2008.

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well thank you wizard!!! ;)

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I’m really excited for this update…
Hopefully it will be released on the ninth!

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