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Should I be more upset about what Mitt Romney is doing with his money or with what President Obama is doing with my money?

Asked by josie (30931points) July 31st, 2012

I saw this on a T-Shirt. I think it is an interesting question.

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I think you should be more disturbed with the potential (however unlikely) scenario that sees Romney unpacking his bags in the White House anytime soon.

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Seems like a different topic. But I guess it’s one way to avoid talking about money.

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I bet you a shit load of cash it wasn’t.

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How did Obama get control of your money? Maybe you should call the police?

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Clearly be more upset with Romney’s behavior. Obama is doing much wiser things than Romney does. After Romney’ trip to Europe, I’d be afraid to let him feed the cat without a minder. He is by no means presidential material.

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About his money specifically, no.

About how he works the system for his own benefit and sees no problem with that system as it exists, yes.

About his disconnect with most of the country when (for example) he berates members of the NAACP for wanting more “free stuff” from the government while getting a $77,000 write off for his dressage horse, yes.

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I’d be more worried about how Congress proposes to balance OUR money.

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What Mitt is doing with his money is a bellwether for what he will do with your money in the White House should he get elected. That is what should really worry you.

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If you’re upset with what Obama is doing with your money, you should be very worried about Romney because, whatever Obama is doing, Romney will probably do more of it. Besides the fact that he’s imprecise and confused about how economies work, Romney comes from a party that has a history of running on cutting spending and then increasing spending.

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Both. THis isn’t an either/or question.

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Kinda curious.. What exactly has Obama done with our money that is so bad? I’m looking for specifics. And how much has your taxes gone up due to his policies?

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Obama doesn’t control your money. Read the constitution, Congress controls the purse strings, all the president can do is suggest. Unfortunately, congress does not listen to this president because he is the wrong color in the wrong party.

I would worry about what Romney would do with your money Unlike Obama, Romney and his party do have a plan on what to do with your money if you are poor or middle class, he also wants to control your health care. There plans are frightening to anyone that thinks and is not super-rich.

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Being that we should look to our leaders as an example as to what we should do with our money, i would worry about Romney. He has all his money stashed away out of our country! That doesn’t give me confidence on what he and congress will do together with our money. People worry about our money getting spent in wasteful aid here. Well I would worry more that the money doesn’t even get spent on citizens and ends up in some swiz back account or Romney and Congress. So as our bank system really fails they all have a nice little nest egg. At the worst he is a potential thief and at the best he has no confidence in our banks and believes we are on the brink of failure. So which begs me to wonder, why is he running. If he believes we are on the edge of ruin, than why run? So it has to be to pocket as much as he can before his exit. No matter how I look at it.
If it acts like a snake. It probably is a snake.

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taps foot

Josie posted a question two hours ago. My request was five hours ago. I’m totally serious. Give me some answers. Have your taxes went up? And if your concern is the deficit why didn’t you care under the Bush administration?

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Tap foot all night if you want. What is it that you requested five house ago?
Like I said, I saw it on a T shirt and thought it would make a good Fluther question.

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It is an interesting question. Romney’s money is a distraction. Liberals need to talk about anything other than the economy to keep us distracted. So they make a big deal out of his money, his wife, and his horse for gods sake.

@johnpowell – Bush ran deficits of about $450 billion. Obama deficits are $1.2 TILLION. Under Bush the debt was around 70% of GDP his last year. Obama has skyrocketed it to over 100% of GDP (hopefully in his last year). To think that these two are even comparable is delusional.

And in case you haven’t been paying attention Obama has us facing the largest tax increase in history. More distraction to keep from the primary issue which is the economy.

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@Jaxk I haven’t seen a big difference in Fed taxes but then I have very little deductions. I have seen other taxes go up like mad and cost of living go through the roof. But most of those are caused on the state level. I’ve seen electric bills and cable bills double and hidden taxes added on our bills. Again, it is on the state level. I have seen interest rates go up. I see us get taxed for land, taxed for vehicles we need to get to work in, taxed for food, taxed for water, electricity, and taxed for entertainment, and taxed for clothing. You pay city tax, county taxes and state taxes and then federal. Bet you add all those other state and local taxes and you will find that is where your money really is going and it probably adds up more than what you pay federal.

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