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Do you think that bad luck can be cleared away? Or changed in someway?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) July 31st, 2012

There was a question about “auras” posted a few days back, and only when I was answering it, I started to think about people’s energies and how they impact on me. Perhaps on most people whether we are aware of it or not.

It just seems so real to me, as I can be inspired and uplifted by one person, or dashed and drained by another. Somehow I believe that these energies also leave residual effects in our life spaces, our homes, or offices. I would imagine Feng Chui would cover this type of energy issue?

I have tried to study Feng Chui before, but it seems so huge a subject, I know for example that if you leave the toilet seat up, supposedly finances drain out of the home. I can’t really relate to that to be honest! But does anyone know of any cleansing or ritual beliefs that could expel bad luck or a bad phase in ones life. I truly feel as though I am a bad energy magnet at the moment. Because bizarre and uncanny things are happening whenever I try to progress forwards.

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The native Americans burn white sage around the interior perimeter of their homes to dispel bad energy.

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If anything can do it, Feng Chui should. It requires you to move furniture around and you don’t have to pay for the opportunity to use it.

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@Sunny2 I am going to Google some tips right now. Thanks

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You should watch “The Secret”. I watched it a couple of years ago and I think it changed the way I think; just my perspective on life as a whole. Why things happen, and do we have control over things? It’s all about the energy that you project and that you build inside yourself. I bet you’ll end up influencing other people’s negative energies positively once you realize that it was within you all along to create the positive energy.

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I believe you are thinking way too much which is forcing a bit of cognitive distortion in your life. Your thoughts are a bit polarized toward the negative. No person should have such a drastic effect on you.

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@morningmomo Thanks in fact I have the Secret and did watch it, I think I am going to to haul it out again. It does have some great ideas and reminders on energies.

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@digitalimpression interesting you should say that, particularly using the word thinking. My psychiatrist, who treated me for bipolar at one time, said pretty much the same thing you have. I think way to much. Yes also hundred percent correct I am very negative at the moment. Its so hard to not think tho!

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The good thing is (from my experience) that those who over-think often do so because they are too intelligent to figure out the small stuff.

I don’t know you from Adam (do people still say that?) but you strike me as an intelligent person who doesn’t need any sort of special program or ancient Chinese philosophy to better their life. From what little I know of you, the only thing you need is educated self-regulation. Of course, I may be way off… what do I know? All I can say is that from my very limited perspective of the situation I see signs of some common “thinking traps” in your thought process.

Either way, Feng Shui is (imho) a practice which promotes severe over-thinking. Then again, I’ve never worried if my bedside lamp was in the proper spot in the room… that’s just not how I roll. =)

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@marinelife I think we saw the amazing efficacy of burning white sage when the white man first showed up in North America.

@Shippy I don’t disbelieve in luck or spiritual forces, but I don’t believe in them either till solid evidence comes along. I do know that we do a lot to make what appears to be our “luck” by the choices we make and the people we surround ourselves with. Till we know there really is or isn’t such a thing as cosmic luck, and till we have some idea how to control it, I would suggest our time is better spent addressing those things we do know impact how our lives go.

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