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Do you have a successful Home Business?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) July 31st, 2012

A lot of people are turning to home business to earn cash, if you have one and it is successful what do you attribute it to? Good routine? regular hours? passion? I could really do with some tips.
I have recently started a massage business!

Also if anyone is making reasonable cash from Blogging which sites are good for it, and which topics do you see doing well?

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I have a good business, just need a phone, so I don’t have to be at home as long as I have my cell phone. it makes about $3,000/Mo

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@DrBill Great! you care to share your tips? if possible?

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you are welcome to ask anything you like, or you can PM if you like

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@Shippy Moderately successful. I’ve been hanging in there for 15 years. I think I’m seeing how to turn the corner now and build something out of it. As you know, I am a Yahoo Merchant Solutions Store developer and Yahoo Small Business Partner. If Yahoo! gets a tummy ache, I need major surgery. This is something I’d like to change.

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I do virtual assistant work from home for a variety of clients that fall under the umbrella of what I call “Spiritual Entrepreneur”. I enjoy it – it keeps me busy – I’ve been doing it full time for 3+ years now & as I grow I hit a speed bump or hiccup here and there that is perfect for learning so I can resolve issues before I get too big. These learning processes allow me to better tweak my contracts and pay etc. so it all works out just great!

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@ETpro I have some friends who swear by, might be a nice alternative for you.

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I have a small business I run from home. I keep stealing the capital out, so it craps itself and never reaches a decent critical mass, but I have joined a new partnership that I am hoping with turn that around. I may also be able to balance a part time regular job with it. It is my only hope, really, of fixing the financial trouble my husband puts us in.

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I have a small home business running affiliate marketing. This is a very slow but steady business. I think there’s a lot of opportunity if you can find the right niche. My hours are pretty steady usually 4–5 per day and more than pays the bills. Here’s a list of other profitable home businesses that work. Good luck!

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