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Is it normal for female nipples to be cracked?

Asked by minnie19 (435points) July 31st, 2012

My nipples are cracked looking for as long as I remember. I noticed it when I was 14 and I’m 20 now. Theres a yellow thing in the middle, but it’s not a liquid. It’s just cracked… My mother is a doctor but she said it’s normal. But, I am not very relieved since she doesn’t care about my health issues much.

So, girls, do you have this? Or are your nipples perfectly one piece and flawless looking?

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Here’s a photo gallery of normal nipples of women who have not been pregnant.

Nipples have bumps, cracks, and irregular things…do you really think that your mother, the doctor, would lie to you?

(And didn’t you say earlier that “Me (sic) and my parents are like best friends.)

(Last month you said also that you were 21?)

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Cracked sounds kinda painful >__< but yes, nipples aren’t perfect. They aren’t meant to look like they’ve been polished to a perfectly smooth shape. So, I say don’t worry! It’s completely normal for them to look that way :)

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there are over twenty designs for nipples that all qualify as normal, if you Mother is a doctor, has seen them, and says they are normal, you should trust her. At your age, it is common to think your parents don’t care, but they truly do.

if you still want another opinion, go see a doctor of your choosing, but you will still get the same answer.

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Gail, we are like best friends but that doesn’t mean everything between us is completely perfect. She tends to not care much about my health, it’s not intentional it’s just that she never takes it too seriously. My dad does the work for health problems, but I can’t show my father my nipples… So, haha…

Well I don’t trust anyone completely about health problems. I had a serious condition, and I went to over 4 doctors and all suggested and said different things. I decided to ignore them all and now it’s gone out of nowhere.

Another thing is I have a very serious body condition, and one said I didn’t even have it, the other said I did, and now I know I do.

Another thing is my friend’s kidney was taken with surgery because the doctor said it’s serious and there is a very serious tumor or something. And after the surgery they realized it wasn’t serious at all, but then again it was too late. And my friend has gone through this horrible experience and was left with serious mental issues.

So, nope. I don’t believe any doctor one hundred per cent. But I obviously listen to all since they have more knowledge in their aspects.

You seem to be very careful with my personal information and relationships but the question is whether or not the nipples are normal… So I guess yes, they are. Thanks for the answer!

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@morningmomo Hahah yeah it sounds painful. I’m glad they aren’t meant to look flawless. I guess I’ve been looking at Kate Moss’ breasts a lot.

@DrBill Thanks!

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If your nipples are itchy, scaly and cracked, you probably have eczema. The itching can make this an embarrassing condition. It occurs mainly in women in their late teens, and usually affects both nipples. It may be only on the nipple, or may affect the flatter area surrounding the nipple (the areola). A steroid cream from your doctor will deal with it. Your doctor will check that it is not scabies, which can cause a similar appearance.

‘Jogger’s nipple’ is another possibility. This is caused by friction from clothing, especially during long-distance running. Protect your nipples with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or surgical tape (Micropore, from pharmacies) before exercising. A silk running vest is less abrasive than synthetic fibres. Source

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I have eczema on my chest and nipples, and they sometimes get cracked and scaly. I use an unscented moisturising cream daily, which really helps.

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