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Which synthetic fur is closest to real fur?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10196points) July 31st, 2012

Of the synthetic furs which one is the most premium quality?

Does it act like real fur in keeping you warm?

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We’ve been a fan of these.

They’re a mix of modacrylic, acrylic, and polyester. They’re pretty warm and comfy, at least we and our guests have thought so.

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My fake fur lined coat is not anywhere close to being as warm as real fur or even wool. But, it does feel good, and I love that it is easy to wash. I can literally put that coat in the washing machine, dry it most of the way and it looks perfect. It is polyester I think, a polyester microfiber type outer with the faux fur inner. I use it for travel, because if it gets dirty I can just wash it, and it doesn’t wrinkle easily. I just wore it on my Alaska trip, it was perfect.

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@Ltryptophan What do you want to use the fur for? Do you want a fur you can buy by the yard or do you want a fur throw or fur clothing?
Modacrylic used to be the industry standard but faux fur is so popular now that they have come up with even better couture quality furs that are sometimes hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Sometimes the fur has a woven backing and sometimes a knitted backing. Knitted backings tend to shed more but over time the shedding lessens. There are good quality furs being made both ways. The knitted backings on cheaper furs can be rough and scratchy so if you are planning on wearing it next to the skin you will need to line it.

I found this article about the latest in fur technology.
“New simulation techniques have been developed that are able to replicate mink, otter and beaver, for example, by blending polymers with other natural fibers like silk, wool and mohair.”
This is the top of the line stuff you can see in designer lines but not affordable for most people.

The R-value, how heat retention is measured, of faux fur and animal fur is actually about the same. Individual fibers trap body heat, whether they’re fabric fibers or an animal’s skin. The warmest coat is long for maximum coverage and has dense, long-hair fibers.
sorry but I lost the reference on that info. I wanted to link you to it.

This site sells the top of the line furs from a French company called Tissavel. The fur even has “guard hairs” to simulate real fur. Amazing. It’s great that the fabric industry has come up with all of these improved products. Even if they are a bit too expensive for the average consumer, eventually the technology will trickle down. Fashion is one of the few places where trickle down actually works sometimes….

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Just thinking about cold weather…jackets, head gear.

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Think fleece for warmth :)
(it’s recycled!)

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