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Do you eat meals by the clock? Or when you are hungry?

Asked by Sunny2 (18817points) July 31st, 2012

Given that families may need to eat at certain times because of schedules, when you do NOT have schedules to consider, do you eat because it’s time to or wait until you are hungry?

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By my bodies clock, it tells me when I’m hungry.

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I eat when my tummy tells me to.

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I eat when I get hungry.

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No particular clock tells me when so I suppose mostly hunger.

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When I’m hungry, which is quite often. I never understood the scheduled eating times thing. We don’t schedule our bathroom breaks. Our bodies are capable of telling us when to refuel.

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When I’m hungry. I’ll make an exception if it’s late so I don’t wake up starving if I sleep in or if I expect it will be awhile before I’ll be able to avail myself of the opportunity to eat again.

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Often on weekends or during travel I forget to eat, especially breakfast or lunch (I suppose when I don’t have my normal schedule to remind me). Sometimes I even get almost-hypoglycemic symptoms and have to eat something and then lay around for a while before I feel normal again. So, in this way, I probably should eat according to some sort of a schedule instead of waiting for my body to signal me.

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A little of both. I try not to eat if I am not hungry would be the main thing I strive for. I’ll wait a little if I am hungry to eat at a scheduled time if it is with others, if it will be too long, I’ll have a small snack to not feel starving.

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I eat when I am hungry, but I also have to be mindful of the clock, to make sure I do eat.
If I don’t eat for too long, it comes right back up when I do.

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On a work day I’m forced to eat by the clock but on a non-work day I can eat when I like, and that usually tends to be later than I otherwise would. Breakfast at about 11, lunch at about 3 and dinner at about 9.

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I am on a diet and I have to eat every 2 – 3 hours.

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I’m always hungry so I usually stay on a schedule or else I would eat constantly and get fat and lazy.

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I prepare dinner for the family at roughly the same time everyday, but it can vary as much as an hour depending on what’s going on. Breakfast is always before work, so at 5:10 a.m. Lunch is variable.

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When I am with other people, I eat when they’re ready.
When I am by myself, I eat when I am ready.
The only clock schedule I have is: no eating sooner than 2 hours before bed. I don’t want nightmares.

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I eat when I’m hungry as long as it’s all done by 7pm. My husband mom and I each eat two meals a day at our jobs because of the shift hours.

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I eat when I’m hungry. Sometimes that’ll be at 3 or 5 in the morning.

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Where are your manners @ETpro? Yes . . .what?

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@Sunny2 Yes, I eat meals by the clock or when I am hungry. :-)

The simple, one-word answer to the question is, “Yes.”

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Usually when I’m hungry, but sometimes when I remember to (normally this only happens during stressful times).

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The latter.

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When I am hungry or when it’s convenient for me to eat.

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