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How big would Clifford get if he were hit by a Care Bear Stare?

Asked by phaedryx (6126points) July 31st, 2012

I was watching Clifford the other day with my kids. I noticed that they made an interesting claim about his size; his size is relative to love. Well, the Care Bear Stare is a ray of love.

Feel free to make wild speculations.

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He actually started getting bigger and then collapsed into a black whole of infinite density. Emily Elizabeth blames herself and dates me who treat her badly.

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Does size really matter?
I would think Clifford was already big enough.
I suppose the Love Ray would certainly do it for the big guy.

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High as the sky? or like this question, high as a kite?

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We’re talking skyscraper here. Emily Elizabeth would need to install an elevator in his dog house to get to the top. If the ray was super intense we could just cancel the space program. Astronauts could just climb up Clifford’s back to the international space station.

When I first read this question it made me wonder what would happen if Clifford was hit by a car. Demented I know. I am fairly certain that the big red dog would knock whatever car he had a run in with into next week!

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