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What do you think about the blackberry phone?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) June 1st, 2008

I just bought it but it’s freezing already :( it sucks.
Wonder if someone has had the same problem.

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Call technical support for whomever your carrier is AT&T , tmobile e.t.c. And I hope for your sake that you added the insurance when you bought the blackberry. I also have a blackberry though it hasn’t frozen yet. Goodluck.

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It’s likely that you need to update the operating system for it to be more compatible/current with your carrier’s network and protocols. As Iphone35 mentions above, a call to them will enable you to do this, as they should be able to flash update your phone with the latest system resources (called service packs in the Bb lingo if I remember correctly), which should rectify the issue. I had a Crackberry prior to the release of the iPhone and remember the same kinds of issues happening once in a while.

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I’m not a big fan of the blackberry pearl, I hate that little ball thing (I don’t like the way it feels on your finger…... Its like nails on a chalkboard) and its not very user friendly. In my opinion the best feature would probably be the flash on the camera.

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being an iphone user i cant say good things but i have friends who love them

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