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Is there an official video for the song "Here Comes the Sun" as recorded by The Beatles?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4375points) July 31st, 2012

Or perhaps there is an official video with George Harrison? Link posted would be lovely! Thanks

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An official video? Not that I know of. I watch this live version on YouTube all of the time. It happens to be my fav Beatles song.

This version doesn’t sound as nice but it includes all of the Beatles

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Music videos didn’t come into popularity until MTV came along in the ‘70’s, after the Beatles split up.

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@Judi MTV came along in 1981, even later.

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@Judi and yet the Beatles did produce many music videos. They were innovators on this as well.
Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane are good examples.
To my knowledge, they never made a video to Here Comes The Sun. This may be because of their distaste for their recent efforts with Let It Be, which none of them were happy with (and hadn’t been released during the recording of HCTS).

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