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If you asked a moderator who flagged your answer, would they tell you?

Asked by AshlynM (9457points) July 31st, 2012

Or is it kept private, even if you ask?

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Wait. What?

If you PM a moderator it is private. If you do it on a Q everyone can see the answer. Just like any answer.

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No I mean if I ask a moderator who reported my answer…say someone didn’t like my answer and it somehow got removed from the thread….am i allowed to know which person reported it?

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Oh. That’s my mistake, I didn’t understand at first. I don’t think so, but am not sure. I’ll be interested to see the answer. I think bellatrix is online right now, maybe she will pop in and answer for you.

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I don’t think so. I hope not. This place wouldn’t work without anonymous denunciations!

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I don’t really want to know, I am just asking out of curiosity if this is something the moderators are able to know on their end, the username of the person who reported your answer.

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From what I understand (and I could be wrong) they can always see which users flagged a certain comment, but they don’t divulge that information.

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They might know, but they won’t tell you. It would just be an excuse for more backbiting and flame-warring. People can grouse about flags being anonymous denunciations, but making them public would be much worse.

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The mods do know who flagged an answer, but we do not share that information. If a response is removed the person that posted it can ask about it and we can discuss why it was removed with them, but we don’t discuss who flagged it.

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No, of course not. There is no reason to tell.

Personally, if I think I am having an issue with a user, I will use the contact tab to discuss it .

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As @Seaofclouds said, absolutely not. Be aware, too, that just because someone flags something, that doesn’t mean we automatically remove it. Flagging just leads us to take a look at it, then we decide whether or not it should be removed. By the same token, we remove some things that aren’t flagged at all, if we happen to come across something that should go.

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Yes of course the mods will tell you who flagged you. They will also give you the users home address so you can go and sort them out in person (but I here you may have to tip them for that).

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I myself couldn’t care less who did the deed, whatever’s done is done.

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No, we wouldn’t tell you who flagged you. That would be just asking for a drama-explosion of epic proportions.

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