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Filmfans, which films do you revisit from time to time?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) August 1st, 2012

And what do you think it says about you?

( Oh dear, why am I having a case of deja vu? Hoping I haven’t already asked this exact same question. Lol. )

Movies that I watch once a year,

1. My Neighbor Totoro
2. One Fine Day ( George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer )
3. Bladerunner

I think what this says about me is I love reminiscing about the innocence of childhood when the world seemed more magical and full of infinite wonder. That I love romances set in New York City and again, to be in a New York type futuristic city where I could fantasize floating around in a police vehicle, wear a cool trench coat, be called a Bladerunner, live in a dreary bachelor’s pad and make love to a hot Replicant while that haunting and sexy Vangelis music plays.

It does not have to be just films that you see once a year. It could be somewhere around every two or three or even five years or more.

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On a very regular basis, about 2 or 3 times a year I watch Fight Club, Tremmors, or Star Trek movies.

Tremmors I watch just because it is easy to put on and enjoy, it’s a big monster eating people, and that is all you really need to know to enjoy it. Must have seen it close to 20 times.

Fight Club and Star Trek probably have something to do with my personality. Star Trek represents what I would like things to be like. Fight Club represents my cynical pessimistic side, and my rebel and anarchist personality traits. ”Fuck it, if we can’t have warp drive we will have project mayhem”

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Torremolinos 73 – because I keep sharing it with new people
V for Vendetta – because, despite bad reviews, I really like it
My Fair Lady – because the story and the music never gets old for me
Team America, World Police – because it’s funny, and I can’t get enough of the Ronery song…

What does that say about me? I’m either very mixed up or else very well rounded!

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There’s a slew of ‘em. But what first comes to mind…

The Illusionist
House of 1000 Corpses/Devil’s Rejects
Spirited Away
Star Trek (various movies)
The Thing
Ferris Buller’s Day Off
Trick ‘r Treat
Monsters, Inc.
Planet Earth (and others in the series)

I’m not really sure what that says other than that I spend way too much time with the TV on. But I’d like to think that it’s representative of a strong sense of imagination and wonder and importance placed on the willingness to suspend disbelief.

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Dances with Wolves – watch the (uncut version of the) movie and you’ll know why
Life of Brian – for the heretic inside you
Meaning of life – because people aren’t wearing enough hats!
Lord of the Rings – read the books, watch the extended versions, rinse, repeat
The Wall – Because there is Pink Floyd and then there’s music
Star Wars (or Spaceballs depending on my mood) – no explanation needed
Fight Club – because F*ck, yeah!
Withnail and I – this movie is beyond description :D

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The Princess Bride
Monty Python’s Holy Grail
Monty Python’s The Life of Brian
The Lord of the Rings
Yours, Mine and Ours
Terms of Endearment
Steel Magnolias
Donnie Darko
The Forsyth Saga
Silence of the Lambs
The Changeling
The Ref
American Beauty
Rat Race

There are others. My lists looks a little schizophrenic but my tastes are divergent and I’m not a genre snob.

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@tranquilsea how could I have forgotten The Holy Grail?!

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Bridget Jones’ Diary

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- Star Trek 6 – The undiscovered Country
– Glengarry Glenn Ross.
– Oz’ & James’ Big Wine Adventure

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Home Alone 1 & 2 (Every December)
Dumb & Dumber
I Love You, Man

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Donnie Darko – Great cult movie
Inglorious Basterds – Love Tarantino
Pulp Fiction – See Above
40 Year Old Virgin – Love Steve Carrel and this movie makes me laugh every time
The Count of Monte Cristo (2002 edition) – Great revenge flick
The Dark Knight – Cant get enough of that movie

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@poisonedantidote Fight Club 2 or 3 times a year? I need to revisit that film! Yeah, it’s one of those few movies upon which a lot of its scenes stay in the brain. I always chuckle about Tyler Deardon’s (?) ultimate objective in the end. Erasing those you know what. I wouldn’t have mind! Lol.

@harple Its gotta be either that mask or the Shakesperean element in Vendetta right? I think it’s the daggers for me. Enjoyed Team America too. It’s just that everytime I see those puppets copulate I get wood. Heh. Fair Lady, of course. I love singing that song In The Street Where You Live. Great, great romantic song! I gotta check what Torremolinos 73 is…

@wonderingwhy @tranquilsea @fremen_warrior Thanks for posting jellyfilmfans! Here are the movies in your lists I wouldn’t mind watching with you periodically,

The Illusionist – Love that time period.
The Thing – Awesome scene always, that testing scene.
LOTR – Goblins and Orcs die!
Silence of the Lambs – Quid pro quo, Clarice.

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All three Monty Python movies. (Jabberwocky does not count).
Princess Bride
Boondock Saints
A Room with a View
Enchanted April
A&E’s Pride and Prejudice
Lair of the White Worm (Horribly bad.)
Most of the MST3K’s
Dawn if the Dead (original), both Day of the Dead’s
Evil Dead I & II
Army of Darkness
Silence of the Lambs (Put the fuckin’ lotion in the basket!)

I can’t thnk of them all. Lots of 80’s movies because I like my cheese very think!

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@Trillian Lair of the White Worm, I see. Hugh Grant fan or Stoker’s? Oh, I’m so ready to see Willow again but there’s no Blu-Ray yet! Bavmorda! Plus Sorsha was really hot. Those alluring curls in her hair, ohhhhh….

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@mazingerz88 Here’s a trailer for Torremolinos 73 – it’s laugh out loud funny, but poignant with it.

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Man, there’s a lot. But for ones I make it a point to watch on a certain date, I always watch Sleepy Hollow on or around Halloween. I love that movie, always have, I saw it in the theaters twice when it came out haha.
I also end up watching Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead at least 30 times a year. No special reason or occasion, guess I’ll keep on watching them until I get sick of them, which doesn’t seem to be about to happen anytime soon. Also I randomly have a Halloween marathon every now and then. Friday the Thirteenth and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, too. Which reminds me, haven’t watched any TCM for a while.

What does it say about me, other than I like horror movies and that I’m narrow minded and one track minded, I don’t know haha.

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@mazingerz88 Hugh Grant. And Dexie’s Midnight Runners wannabes. And Mr Tits Pervert!

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LOTR- all of them
Harry Potter- all of them
Pirates of the Caribbean- all of them
Princess Bride
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Twilight- all of them (don’t judge me, dammit!)
Alice in Wonderland- the Tim Burton one
Nightmare Before Christmas
Passion of the Christ- every Easter
The Bourne Trilogy
Sleeping with the Enemy- love it love it love it!
Pretty Woman
Dances with Wolves
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
Robin Hood Men in Tights
Blazing Saddles
History of the World: Part 1
Gone with the Wind
Indiana Jones- all of them
Memoirs of a Geisha
Cutthroat Island- I love watching Geena Davis kick ass
The Long Kiss Goodnight- see above
Pulp Fiction
Inglorious Basterds
From Dusk til Dawn
Love Actually
Sense and Sensibility
Pride and Prejudice

Shall I keep going?

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Citizen Kane
The Remains of the Day.

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There are only a few movies I watch over and over:
The Godfather (all parts, just mentioning one is blasphemy)
Lord of the Rings (see above)
The Princess Bride
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Monty Pythons Flying Circus (own the entire show on dvd’s so I’m counting it)

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[mod says] This is our Question of the Day!

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@WillWorkForChocolate Going down your list, thought I’d see 91/2 Weeks or Last Tango in Paris. Lol. Oh, I don’t know…

Hmm, so far, no The Big Lebowski on the board.

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@mazingerz88 THAT is a cult film. Once a year, tops.

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@ucme Is that the title of a movie or…XD

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@ucme I think I remember that one. Part of a trilogy? Heaps, Loads, and Bunches. Right?

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@Trillian There are talks currently underway to make a fourth movie, simply titled Lots.

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There are a few I watch more than a few times.

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Star Wars
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi

Lone Star
The Lion in Winter
Little Big Man
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Empire of the Sun
Dr. Zhivago
The Shawshank Redemption

At Eastertime, we tend to watch “Ben Hur”, and no Christmas is complete without watching “Miracle on 34th Street”. In October, I sometimes watch either “The Natural” or “Eight Men Out” or both.

There’s also children’s films, such as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and The Wizard of Oz, and a fair number from the Disney canon:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Peter Pan
Lady and the Tramp
Sleeping Beauty
101 Dalmatians
Jungle Book
Beauty and the Beast
Brother Bear

Of course, there’s also Pixar:

Toy Story
Toy Story II
Toy Story III
Finding Nemo
Monsters, Inc

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My word, we had lots of fun with that didn’t we boys & girls.
@Symbeline XD yeah, the sequel sounds like an orgy of porn….Shoot Your Loads :¬)

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Pulp fiction
Fight Club
Lawrence of Arabia
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Blade Runner
2001: A Space Odyssey

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Groundhog Day… get it?

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@AngryWhiteMale Walt would be proud. : )

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Why is everyone else answering? This question was obviously meant for me.

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@mazingerz88, he would be prouder if I limited my frequent viewing to everything up to “The Jungle Book.” :p I’ve watched most of the ones I listed several times, but if I had kids, it’d probably be in the hundreds. My sister watched “Dumbo” so much as a little girl she wore out the tape. As an adult, I gave her the DVD one Christmas. Here’s hoping her daughter wears it out. grin Have a friend whose girls asked for “Emo” (“Finding Nemo”) constantly to the point it drove him and his wife insane.

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@AngryWhiteMale Nemo. Now that was a work of art. Darn. Now I want to get it on Blu-Ray!

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Pulp Fiction – I got the habit of watching it about twice a year from my Dad, and actually cannot remember a time when I did not know the movie like the back of my hand.

I watch either the Star Wars original trilogy, the Back to the Future movies, or the Indiana Jones trilogy every time I get sick enough to not go out for days, so about once a year for each. I figure all this says about me is that I like 80s sci-fi/adventure flicks and I get sick a lot.

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Blade Runner FTW. Still gives me chills.

Fight Club, because Fight Club.

Star Wars? Wish I hadn’t seen them the first time.

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For obvious reasons.

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