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What is the most amusing thing you ever witnessed happen to someone who was being mean?

Asked by Pandora (30705points) August 1st, 2012

I just read a question about verbal abuse that reminded me of a really funny story.
Well when I was young, guys would try to hit on me by shouting verbally abusive language and sometimes they would be nice at first. But as time went on they thought me a snob for not stopping to talk to total strangers. I grew up in the Bronx. You just learn to keep walking. Well I had to always pass a handball court. One day this one particular guy started being nice and simply wanted to know my name. Then as I kept going he told me I was a stuck up c__t and an ugly bitch. Some of the guys around him where telling him to stop. I stopped and told him if he wanted to know my name all he had to do was asks my brothers.
He sarcastically asked who where my brothers and I pointed out that they where playing with him. He turned white as a sheet as he realized all 3 of my brothers where around him plus their best friends. He begged for forgiveness as I walk away laughing.
Didn’t see him for a long while after that and when he did return to the courts I would hear him whisper to other guys to not say anything to me.
So what is your story?

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I worked at a bank and I was doing some tranactions with a teller. The next teller over was going through the lollipops that they gave to customers with children, separating out all the blue lollipops. I asked why she was taking out the blue ones. She said the blue coloring always came off and made a heck of a mess. I said something about that being considerate. She flashed me a grin and said “No, we give them to the kids of the rude parents”.

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Ah, the little revenges in life are amusing.

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I was on vacation with my family and we were eating on a Marina. We were the sitting at the table on the outtermost edge, so the people walking by were right next to us. We saw these 2 young girls (early high school) who thought they were god’s gift to this earth walking around. Short skirts, low tops, completely inappropriate for their age. They knew we were talking about them, so the one girl felt the need to really throw whatever she thought she was doing in our faces. She walked back and forth a few times shaking her ass and stuff. The last time she walked by was priceless. She was so concerned with flaunting herself that she was not paying attention to what was in font of her and she walking right into a small potted tree. WE DIED LAUGHING. Face directly into the leaves and branches! The girls ran off and were not seen again.

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Not a personal experience, but this scene from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes always garners a chuckle.

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What a lovely, delightful story, @Pandora! I couldn’t possibly top that, and in fact I might have to steal it someday.

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When I was in high school I was talking to my friend Evan as we were walking home (we lived on the same street) about the odd habits of our parents. Well, I mentioned that my dad was a former Marine and his daily workout regimen. Well, Evan started to say that he could probably beat my dad in a fight. He then said jokingly “Where is he? I’ll go challenge him to a fight right now.” Then my dad said (who had been right behind us for some time without us realizing it) “Right behind you.” Evan turned as white as a sheet and turned around, saw my dad, and passed out right there. Still makes me laugh today.

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Even sounds like he would’ve won at playing possum. :)
Love it when people talk big and find themselves in a situation where they may have to deliver.

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I know hilarious

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I haven’t had that honor yet, but the very last scene in the classic film “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World just ate my lunch so bad I peed on myself just a little bit.

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A few Thanksgivings ago at a friends who has horses and we were all going for a pre-dinner ride. One of the guests was a loud mouthed, drunken ass who was angry that we wouldn’t let him out of the arena on a horse because he was not only an inexperienced novice but had been drinking too much. We were giving him a riding lesson and he was yanking around his mount, flopping all over the saddle, and Bodie, one of the horses, had enough and broke into a fast trot, cut a corner and scraped him off on the fence. LOL

PERFECT! The only thing hurt was his pride but he changed his mind about riding. haha

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That’s probably where they came up with the phrase, Lacking horse sense. LOL

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A bird flying overhead pooped on the shoulder of a lady who was going on and on with a kinda frivolous complaint about one of our departments.

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