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How to fix the Google Plus? Please help.

Asked by kimchi (1440points) August 1st, 2012

Okay so I have an email in my phone. I deleted it. And I found out that Google Plus didnt work. So I added another Gmail email. Now Google Plus works, but whenever I try to update apps, it says something like ” Authenticiation failed. You need to be logged in.” And I tried to delete the Gmail account that I already deleted out of my phone, but it says “Some applications require this app. Do a Factory Reset.” I don’t want to do that. So how do I fix this without a factory reset? I want to update Kakao Talk. Please please help. Thanks.

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Hi Kimchi,

Are you talking about restoring a phone? Updating an app? Signing up for/maintaning your account on Google Plus? I’m a techie, and I love these kinds of quandaries. I don’t know too much Google/Android, but my pop got the new Google Tablet (Nexus 7), but he gave it to me to tinker with, so I’m learning the Android OS and it’s pretty fun.
Also, I’m on Google Plus, but I never use it. I think it’s trying too hard to, “not-be-facebook,” instead of being a unique service.
Anyway, some more details would help, and I’ll help you out…

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