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Any work or job hunting resources in Denver, CO?

Asked by gambitking (4194points) August 1st, 2012

Hi everyone, my brother recently moved to Denver and he’s looking for work. Does anyone happen to know of any job opportunities for general office work available in Denver and/or can anyone point me to some good job hunting resources (other than the standard ones like monster and careerbuilder, etc)?

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Have you tried ? It’s a pretty solid site where you can narrow down jobs based on pay as well. I consider it a pretty standard site like Monster and Careerbuilder, but whenever I mention it to someone, they seem to have never heard of it before.

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Oh yeah, pretty much all the google results for job searching end up at one way or another. It’s actually kind of frustrating. I suppose we’re looking for more of a localized network, forum or organization that’s not so much of a ‘broker’, as it were.

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Has he tried the local Kelly Services or other temporary agency? They place for temporary and full time positions.

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@gambitking – I’ve known some people to find decent work on Craigslist, but beware.

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Craigslist is utilized quite well here in Denver/Boulder….don’t be too wary, give it a shot, just have common sense and if you reply to one that responds back with something that is obviously spam, end it there. It’s not hard to tell really.

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