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Are there Archives of Web Cultural History?

Asked by sushilovinfun (161points) August 1st, 2012

I am trying to find archives on the web about the web, really going back before the Wayback Machine, which started archiving in 1996. In other words, I am interested in finding archived websites from 1990 to 1995. Alternately, I am interested in finding academic archives similar to George Mason University’s Mozilla Memory Bank ( but for other companies, institutions, etc. If anyone knows of similar archives, particularly for popular websites and companies from the earlier days of the web (such as AOL or Flooz) please let me know! Keep in mind this would be archives for the “web” and not the “internet” broadly.


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fascinating. All I really knew about was LOC’s Wayback Machine. Some specific companies do keep their own old material, but do not necessarily post it. You might check with them specifically. I’m a hoarder of information so I have a very few random bits here and there, but just of stuff of interest to me at the time, and I am not sure if it survived the transition of technology upgrades over the years.

But why just limit yourself to the web? Lots of usenet newsgroups groups were doing a lot of very odd things back then in text-only mode. In particular was one oddie that may have contributed to teen suicide——and I think it still exists. for more info

I just checked on an old gem that once amused me “what constitutes a hoochie?” and it still exists! The girl who did it is long through school, probably well into her career path and probably a mother with teen children. It is still funny —sort of a play on the “what constitutes a redneck?” stuff by Ray Stevens[?]

Lots of stuff is still out there because cleaning old stuff off the servers is a laborious process, but uncatalogued. You need to have the key [an address]

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This “methods” reference is from the old newsgroup

Another old newsgroup is alt.folklore.urban which spawned [David Mikkelson, its founder was a regular contributor] and it seems to have morphed into a new life on Google groups.

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There’s Reocities, an effort to preserve the glory days of Web 1.0 as represented by Yahoo!‘s Geocities.

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