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Is anyone else experiencing trouble with the mobile site?

Asked by augustlan (47711points) August 1st, 2012

A member has alerted me that for the last couple of days, has been wonky for him. The page is squeezed into half the screen on his phone, and the other half is black. Is this a problem for others, or just for this member?

If it is just on his end, do you have any suggestions on how he can fix it? He has already cleared his cache, and that hasn’t solved the problem.

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I had a similar problem with the image being compressed and overlapped with my netflix account. Tech support yammered some crap to me that I couldn’t comprehend, but a friend advised me to change my settings and screen resolution.
Don’t know if that applies here…

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Not a problem for me. I have zero clue how to use my mobile phone, but I do know how to get onto Fluther from it. Mine is perfect.

My guess is it’s on his end.

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Nope. Zipping along beautifully.

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The only recurrent problem ive been experiencing on my iPhone is that its really saggy , slow and takes several seconds to respond when I type. But thats when i switch fro m the mobile site to the full site.

But thats because its choking on the extra data it has to handle.

And I did have a brief bit of that half page thing. But I just pressed the home button (taking me out of Safari) and when i returned, closed out the page and reopened it again, it was back yo normal.

So maybe it was just a temporary glitch. But if hes on an Android phone, all bets are off. Android is just crazy wonky period :)

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I’m using it right now, it’s flawless as always:

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No problem for my PSP on the mobile site. It’s much faster than the desktop I can say that much. And you can barely do anything on the PSP’s WiFi. So it’s great for me.

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