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Is there someone in your family who is uncommonly funny?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36153points) August 1st, 2012

My son…long story short…is a BAD speller! We’ve teased him good naturedly over the years, and now he plays it. He has a new phone that does auto-spelling…and some of the mistakes are hilarious. I think he lets them through on purpose.

He collects coins. I texted, on behalf of a friend, him asking if he knew of a coin appraiser.

He sent “There are some on the inert.”

I sent, ” ‘Inert’ – Not moving. Motionless.’ ”

He send back, “LOL! Sorry! I meant inert net.”

He does my heart so good! :) :) :)

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My whole family is. We like to rib each other all the time. My kids are all very quick witted as is my husband.

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My younger son is very witty. When he was only about 5, I called him in and said, “Sit down for supper.” The chair had been moved away from his place and he went there and said, “You mean, Stand up for supper.”

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@janbb :) When my son was 5, his book, “The Hungry Little Caterpillar” had been lying on my coffee table for a couple of days. (I made the kids clean up after themselves.) Finally I said, “Chris! Take “The Hungry Little Caterpillar” to your room!”
He didn’t miss a beat. He said, “Why? There’s nothing to eat in there!”

My girlfriend has a boy who has been funny since he was little. She used to make snacks for the kids that she’d read about in magazines. One was a piece of celery with peanut butter spread on it, and raisins sprinkled on it. It was called “Ants on a log.” Supposed to appeal to little boys.
Well, one day she spread peanut butter on bread and sprinkled raisins, sunflower seeds, and I Don’t Know What Else, and Darius said, “What’s this? Bugs on a porch?”

When he got older, like, 10, he was in my daycare briefly. I was describing a house. I said, “It has a partial basement.”
Darius said, “Well, where’s the rest of it? Under someone else’s house?”

Uncommonly funny!

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Oh, from my fathers side there are a bunch of comedians. We could sit around for hours telling funny stories or simply making fun at each other waiting a few seconds for the next witty comeback. Some of the jokes weren’t even on purpose. Just an odd observation of things that is amusing. I remember one night staying up at my cousins home telling jokes for hours. The next day we all had sore throats and achy ribs from all the laughing. Within an hour my cousins home was filled with neighborhood friends who heard we were around and didn’t want to go home because they said it was better than going to a comedy show. We were just really in the zone for jokes that night. But my dad and his brothers were also just as funny. My daughter also has that funny side. She’s very witty. My son isn’t as witty but he has the talent for saying the most unusual things in all seriousness and it just cracks you up. He usually sets things up for the jokes to pour out. Unfortunately it usually ends up being jokes on him. But he takes it pretty well.

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:) I feel a big smile coming on!

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Both my daughter and I. Kinda scary, lol.

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MIlo here; I am the only stand-up comedian in this family in spite of Gail’s spurious claims.

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My family is pretty funny, but we have a family friend, he is closer to my parents age, who is side splitting hysterical. True entertainment every single time. When we used to visit them we looked forward to the comedy routine. Not that it was a purposeful routine, but he was just so naturally funny.

I also have a girlfriend who just cracks me up to no end. I call her and we laugh the whole time. Mostly at our own screw ups and inadequacies.

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You have to give examples! Didn’t think of posting that in the question…but as the OP, there it is!

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Milo here; I can shadow box with an ant for a long time. I always win, of course, but to the victor goes the spoils. They are delicious. My audience (albeit really easy to please) finds this hilarious. My encore involves moths.

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My uncle Scott who I just coincidentally mentioned on the musical family thread is hilarious. Some of his facebook posts have literally made me spew liquids from my mouth and nose. Coffee through the nose once… that one was painful. I no longer have a drink nearby when I go to his page.

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My middle daughter is always super quick to spot an opportunity for a joke or pun. Even when you’re mad at her, she can make you laugh (which can be infuriating!) Naturally, I can’t think of a single example at the moment. :/

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@augustlan You can’t think of one just because there are too many times where I’m hilarious to choose from! ;)

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