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How to keep my keyboard alwasy clean?

Asked by anyer (9points) June 2nd, 2008

today i randomly check my keyboard, it scared me , so dirty that i can’t just leave it

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Mine is also typically dirty. A simple cleaning solution with cloth with do the trick, after you’ve shaken out some of the stuff. Don’t soak it, just dampen the cloth, and knock yourself out.

The only way to keep it clean is to clean it consistently.

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its a major problem with the apple keyboard . . . i take off all the keys and vacuum off all the particles then clean everything with warm water and a cloth. Good as new

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have a look at iskin..

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or you could wash your hands before each use. : )

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oh, what a that thing called….. They have them at staples. The can that blows really cold air….. Sorry I’ve been up for way too long. Nothing comes to mind, wait till I get some sleep LOL

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If you want to keep it ‘always clean’, I’d suggest some sort of sealed packaging and stop using it.
Of course if you still want to use it, why not just make sure your hands are clean before, give it the occasional clean (cotton-buds are good for dusting between keys) and cover it when you’re not using it so it doesn’t collect dust.

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The dirt simply comes from your hands and wrists. Just turn it off and use Windex and a paper towell to clean it.

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@Alina: you are thinking of the containers of compressed air. I use a little soft brush that works just fine. And occasionally shake keyboard over black pants to see what is growing in there.

A cover is a good idea, but who can remember?

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