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Doing PT 3 days after wisdom teeth removal, can I do it?

Asked by CuriousLoner (1812points) August 1st, 2012

Well I got a total of 5 teeth removed Monday, but so far feeling pretty good bleeding stopped pretty much on the first day. Only little bit on second day. Till now been good. Little to no pain, only slight discomfort when using prescribed mouth rinse.

Anyways tomorrow I’m off quarters. I don’t want to wait a whole week because technically not suppose to do PT for 7–10 days or so. Any suggestions?

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It is horrible if you lose the clot and get dry socket. And with the increased heart rate the odds of losing a clot greatly increases. But go for it if you want to be in insane pain and end up missing a few weeks.

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Don’t. What @johnpowell said.

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Every person responds to this type of surgery differently. I went to my bookkeeping job in the afternoon after morning surgery to remove all four wisdom teeth. Some people require a lot more recovery time.

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I went under general anesthesia in the morning and had a nose job and was back to work by 1pm. I also PT’d 2 days later.
If you’re in the military and your Dr. ordered you not to PT, you can be written up and end up standing tall in front of the old man, explaining yourself.

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Ok, it is a no go then. I just didn’t want to get out of shape after going hard at PT for past month.

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@CuriousLoner : Did you have more than four wisdom teeth?

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@gailcalled I am an abomination. I have many extra wisdom teeth for grinding bones! Haha. I joke. :) Actually apparently they felt that there was a tooth next to my wisdom on top that needed to be pulled. So alas it was 5 teeth total.

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<—-is a dentist. This depends on: your age, are you young? The type of surgery: were they bony or suprabony extractions? were there sutures? Do you smoke? If they were not impacted, no sutures ( or not many) and you are young and healthy, and don’t smoke, you should be fine.

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@trailsillustrated I’m 21, not sure about the bony or suprabony extraction thing, what is the difference, or what is it?
Yes I had sutures. They were not all impacted believe top 2 were and the extra one taken out was impacted somewhat I was told. I don’t smoke.

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Were you in the chair a long time? If they are impacted they are called a bony or infrabony extraction, sometimes wisdom teeth just roll out, if you are feeling well, and don’t smoke ever, and don’t drink anything from a straw for the next few days, you should be fine. I would go back to work if I were you. If you start getting a bad ache you’ll just have to leave and treated for a dry socket but given your age and non smoking history you are at low risk.

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@trailsillustrated I never remember them telling me about the bony or infrabony part. I could call and ask. I go back to work tomorrow, I’m just wondering about PT, but probably wait an extra couple days…. Been staying away from straws, soda , not drinking alcohol either. Mostly soup, water, ice cream and nutrition shake.

Funny thing is its the extra tooth that is sometimes give me a slight dull kind of ache, slight pulsing feeling. More like discomfort than pain.

I don’t even notice it if I take pain meds given to me, but I haven’t felt the need for them much. Only took 1 pill this morning.

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For me advil was enough, I never took prescription medication after my surgery.

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I don’t know what PT is lol. You will be fine. It’s not at all unusual for people to have extra or ‘supernumerary’ wisdom teeth- they are often tiny, miniature teeth that are only rooted in the bone by a tiny, tiny point and super easy to pull. Your’e going to be ok and good luck and thank you for your service.

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@trailsillustrated Ah my fault, PT stands for Physical Training. What that will consist of depends on the day lol

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Three days time? You’ll be just fine, @CuriousLoner .

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Take a week off, eat healthy, read a book just take it easy, let your mouth heal well.

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Can’t you do some lighter training and lay off the hard stuff a few more days?

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When I was in boot camp there were lots of guys/chics who got all their wisdom teeth snatched out at once – they basically had 1 day in bootcamp to get over the bleeding & then the second & third day easy duty & day 4 they were back to normal bootcamp level activity (which may as well be PT)

I had my wisdom teeth out before going into the Navy (thank God cause those Navy bootcamp dentists were crazy from how I saw folks returning & my civilian dentist was great). Folks told me it’d be a few days before I felt like going back to work but I went back the next day & the only issue I had was an all day headache. Within a couple days I was back to PT with no problem.

All that said my vote is PT after the third day is all good – especially if you’re following the rest of the rules the dentist gave u.

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