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What products should I use on my bangs?

Asked by CrammaDoodle (194points) August 1st, 2012

So, I just got a new haircut!
I have bangs now, and there’s just one thing I don’t like—how they don’t stay in place…

So, my question:
Can anyone out there recommend any products that will keep my hair in place (specific ones) that WON’T make my hair look greasy. Because I feel like the hairspray I have is doing that, and I SURELY don’t want that.
So, thanks in advance. :)

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Blow dry them with a little gel and then use a light hairspray. That should do the trick.
It is how I do mine. The gel will stiffen the hair and the spray will hold it in place.
After you let the hairspray dry all the way for a few minutes you can then lightly brush them out so they do not look sprayed.
If you want them super straight you can use a flat iron.

Funny, because I have decided that I am going to grow mine out and am trying to figure out what to do with them as they grow. lol

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It helps to comb them just how you like them as soon as you finish washing your hair, while it is still quite wet – and then pin them (lightly, you don’t want a crease from a bobby pin or a clip) until at least partially dry. If your bangs are straight across, you won’t need to pin them, just comb them out before they start to dry. The hair is going to be more likely to stay where you want it if you allow it to dry that way, rather than letting it go any which way, and trying to style it later.

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Excuse my ignorance but what exactly are bangs?

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@DigitalBlue aah, okay, thank you.

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Lol yes, bangs=fringe. =)

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I use a styling paste on my hair to keep in line. Like this

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All of the tips so far are right on track.

Another thing you can do so your bangs aren’t weighted down with product is to spray your hairspray on your hand/fingers & then pull your bangs into shape. It’s a great way to perk up your hairstyle later in the day, too.

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