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I dreamt of many tornadoes, as a dream reader what is your interpretation?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4375points) August 2nd, 2012

I remember hearing on the news there was some sort of weather pattern going to affect San Diego but I blew it off.

Next thing you know funnel clouds formed and not just one but many. The dream soon turned chaotic as I was in charge of about 5 people in a car and avoiding the twisters on land. It was very stressful and I had to plan in detail what we had to do to avoid a direct hit. In the mean time through avoiding the twisters I thought I could sneak pass the twisters by taking people from point A to point B on separate occassions. Had very vivid imagery, I think I remember about 4 dreams per year of this magnitude, hence the need to come to some opinions of what others might think?

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Are you afraid of tornadoes?
Are they a real danger where you live? Do you worry about them?
Have you ever been in a situation that involved tornadoes, that made a strong impression?
Are you familiar with being in charge like that, taking responsibility for other people?

Just throwing around some suggested thinking directions.

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You heard about the weather in your dream? Is it possible you heard of weather throughout the day while you were awake?
I’m guessing that the clouds and tornadoes may be something you are trying to get around, but in a different context. Your description of responsibility as @Fyrius mentions may be a key into realizing what it is you want to know.
In transferring people, were you successful? <—Important question.
Have you been promoted?
Are you avoiding promotion?
Is anyone pregnant?
Are you concerned with your career or career path?
Are you in financial trouble?

All these questions can lead to a chain of events that your subconscious will interpret and synthesize into something that has significance.

Do you remember any words in your dream?
What time of day?
Was it color dream or dark dream?
Do you know where you were?
Did you recognize anyone?
Was there anything you heard, saw, touched, smelled, or thought in the dream that wasn’t what you would normally do, say, touch, smell, or think?

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If Your Dream is not Due to Some psychological Experience, Then, Generally the Strong Wind (Tornadoes) Means Powerful Force of upheaval and Destruction.

If you have been hit by this wind (Harmed) in the dream, this upheaval could effect you personally, Otherwise, You may witness some kind of upheaval but you wont be harmed personally.

hope this will help :)

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In dream symbolism, Tornadoes represent sex.

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”... sort of weather pattern going to affect San Diego but I blew it off.” Hahahaha! Tornadoes. Blew it of! Hahahahahaha! Oh, my ribs!

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“To see several tornadoes in your dream represent people around you who are prone to violent outbursts and shifting mood swings. It may also symbolize a volatile situation or relationship.”

Dream Moods Dictionary

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The emotions the dream generates are what matters. The visuals are often related to quotidian activities or observations or patterns laid down over years.

For example, when I am anxious, I use the metaphor of getting lost, missing a train or plane, of finding myself in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Occasionally I am looking for the office of a dentist whom I haven’t used in 50 years.

When I was younger, the anxiety centered around school, term papers, exams, and the like.

That is a very common theme; you can’t find the exam room, you forgot to start your term paper and it is due tomorrow, you haven’t actually taken the course. It is astonishing how many people have these dreams.

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@gailcalled is right. The emotions: you are faced with a pretty big problem. You have to work hard. Other people’s lives are at stake in some way. It’s very complicated. You’ve got to solve it.

It’s a worry dream. If you have intense stuff going on in your life, that can generate dreams like this. It can be stuff with real life, or stuff in your mental life.

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Sounds like you may feel that people always rely on you for either safe passage or that they always want you to save the day and subconsciously you are tired or feel ill prepared of having to dodge everyone else’s problems.
Or you watch too many twister movies.
Actually the more I think of it, I would have to know what you were feeling. If excited, it could be you are thrilled for the chance to be in the center of chaos.
If frightened, than you may feel you are caught in a situation that you can maybe dodge but there is a real risk to you. (could also be something as simple as your blood pressure is up or something is up with you body as you sleep and you brain is trying to wake you)
If your happy, than you have a need to be needed.

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@wundayatta: I would take issue with even that level of specificity. Other people’s lives may not be at stake. It is fun to speculate, but the dreamer needs to think about what he or she is feeling and why.

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I constantly dream about tornadoes. I had a tornado dream last night, actually. I think that dreams mean something to the dreamer, and it’s difficult to “translate” those without knowing you and your situation.
I am not particularly afraid of tornadoes, in fact I absolutely love storms, however I know that in my dreams about tornadoes, they just signify a powerful, destructive force that I have no control over. Usually, in my tornado dreams, I am desperately trying to save other people (I always fail, but that’s another story).... so I feel that my tornado dreams are my brain’s way of hashing out the difficulties surrounding desperately wanting to protect myself and my loved ones from things that are beyond my control.
Your dream sounds as if it has some similar themes to my recurring dreams, perhaps some of my own interpretation is useful to you.

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Tornadoes represent tremendous destruction – no matter who is dreaming of them. What you have to figure out is what, exactly, they mean when YOU dream of them. Possibly it could mean forces in your life over which you have no direct control, but you feel the threat potential for yourself & for the people in your life that you care about. If you can, you should write down as much of the dream as you are able to remember. Then if you have any dreams that are similar in nature, write them down, too. You will begin to see a recognizable thread in the dreams that you are having.

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