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Help me find a TED Talk money and morality, culture....?

Asked by TheDave (29points) August 2nd, 2012

A male speaker ran experiments in colleges to find out how moral judgement influenced money, and how the further away from the tangible thing the more likely you’d justify or sway to a culture of moral laxitude….I think Enron and traders as an example.

Thanks for the help!!

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What precisely do you mean by ” the tangible thing”?

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The thing being coin or dollars, a teller at a store is, in general, more morally honest than a Wall St. trader pushing digital “money” around. The more detached you are from the actual money itself, the more you’ll justify lack of morality. “It’s the culture of wall st.”

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a google search and ted talk search come up without results for that. Do anyone know the name of the speaker?

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that’s the guy. Thanks!

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I googled “ted talk enron” and it was one of the first five hits, I think, fwiw.

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