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Do female Hamsters smell as much as male?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) June 2nd, 2008

I want to get a hamster but I’d have to keep it in my room. I don’t wanna deal with smell. I had some male hamster (actually they were mice) . They smelled a lot. Do the females smell less then the males? I’m thinking mark their territory,

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I think that they all smell the same amount…their eyesight can’t be great…how else will they find their way around? LOL

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Not exactly an answer to your question, simone, but you might want to try gerbils. They’re cute as hell and have virtually no smell (they’re desert animals, so their bodies make efficient use of water; that means they pee very little and their poop is dry). Just put them in a glass tank with several inches of bedding so they can burrow like they do in the wild. You can go several weeks before you have to change the bedding.

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That was a good idea Harp but I was just wiki-ing them and found that unfortunate fact that they are illegal in California.

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Male mice do smell worse than females. The same goes for much of the male rodent population including ferrets. They have a scent gland that gives them a musky odor.

I have a pet male mouse and clean his cage weekly. There are nice paper- based bedding products out there that reduce odor a lot. I keep him on our dresser right by our bed and my sig. other has no odor complaints at all nor do I. The key is regularly cleaning bedding and toys.

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I got plants instead.

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