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Does every f*cking little thing constitute as a question?

Asked by zensky (13372points) August 2nd, 2012

Sheesh – not every little stupid thought with a question mark at the end is a Fluther question.

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It would seem so. Idle minds and all. . .

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Psst. Quick. Remove the “as.”

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And “you have a virus” isn’t the answer to every computer problem.


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You go, dude! Fight the quixotic fight!

Not something that appears to be a priority around here, I’m afraid.

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I’m glad it’s not just me!

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Blatantly not, but it appears that may well be the case.
What banal piece of shit can you think of next?

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No, and nor does every fucking ting posted in General constitute a real “serious” question deserving of “serious” answers. Lacking the inclination to point this out every single time, I generally ignore them.
Let’s sit on the porch and be crochety!

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I am going to throw the first pancake at @Trillian.

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Pancakes? That freaking reminds me. Those bastards at IHOP have started making Red Velvet pancakes. I’ve never been to an IHOP and had no intentions of going. EVER! But red velvet? I’m there. You rat IHOP bastards, I’ll be there!

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Well, I’d still like to know why it’s not okay to kill people you dislike. lolol

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I found the question about women having 3 breasts to be especially uplifting (and nothing was said about wonder bras!).

And @zensky – you haven’t responded to it yet, are you ill???

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Well, no. But have pity on us, folks… there are only so many mods. Flag away, please. :)

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A question is not an answer to a question.

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@blueiiznh Huh?

Care to explain?

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Personally I like browsing the off the wall Q’s.
I came across an old one today about how many chickens it would take to pull a car. The mathematics were hilarious based on the weight of the chickens and the weight of the vehicle it was something like 3,400 chickens. lolololol

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Is this an answer to the question?

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Talking of “fucking little things”, questions about penises are just so last summer darling ;¬}

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The questions that aren’t really questions don’t bother me. They either get flagged if created by a new member or answered if the intent is clear. What is sad is when an experienced member uses hidden sarcasm to entice others to give sincere answers to a completely bogus question.

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The mods must be doing a bang-up job because I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I only have decent questions in my feed.

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