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Zen and every other Zen incarnation are moving on up to the10K mansion. Quick, lock the doors after he gets in. Give him congrats?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9824points) August 2nd, 2012

Happy, happy. Joy, joy.

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Congrats 10K! Who would have ever thunk it..

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Oh, jeez, another new name? Oh, well, congratulations anyway.

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Woo hoo! How many times have you been in this incarnation and this situation? O frabjous day!

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It’s my first actually. I’m a 10k virgin.

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Well finally! Congratulations. It’s nice to have you join us. See. It’s not so bad in the mansion, after all! And now we can keep track of who you are and that means we can love you all the more.

Oh dear. I’m actually getting weepy thinking about this. Don’t tell anyone. But you have given so much to fluther over the years. Your questions. Your challenges. Your unique perspective! Shoot, you even told me I was your friend, once! But that’s not why I’m waxing prolix here. Oh, ok. It is, in part.

I enjoy your perspective and especially the thought you put into your questions. I think I would be honored to have you as a friend in real life. You’re prickly and intense, but you are smart and thoughtful, too, and that’s a winning combination.

Once again, Congratulations, my friend!

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Holy fuckanoly, this is one of the most momentous 10Kongratulatory parties ever!

Congrats to you zensky, on the 10K tip of your lurve iceberg!

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Congrats, Zensky!

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Well, you had to lose your virginity at some point @zensky, and never has someone had so many people wishing for it too! (Freaky, eh?!)

So, congratulations to a man who is kind, fair, humorous, gentle, witty, who generously answers PMs, who frequently delivers a unique insight on a matter, and just as frequently calls it for what it is…

Your presence here seems fundamental.

Anyway, I know you are hating this, so chin up, mucker, it’ll be over in a week or two!

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Yay @zensky !! This is going to be the best party ever! I’m glad you finally let us celebrate your 10K. You are one of the most interesting jellies here and I always find myself smiling or laughing at your posts. The mansion will be a better place now that you have arrived. Meet you out by the pool where the drinks are flowing, and a few of the jellies are swimming topless.

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Finally allowed it to happen, eh, big guy? Well, congrtulations, @zensky. Your quirky self is a big part of the collective.

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Oh wondrous day! You will get your own Jelly Maid in the Mansion to see to your every whim! Well done!!!!!!!!!!!

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Everything’s Zen! Super to you and all your incarnations! Carnations all around!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Unless you’re that other Zen guy. I have a very long memory.

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That’s something I never thought I’d see.

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Man, I never thought I’d see the day! Good to have you in the mansion with us. Congratulations to a great jelly!
Dude, you’re like a legend around here, and I love your contribution to this place. Sometimes your stuff is deep and complex and makes one think, sometimes it’s really simple and casual, plus I love your sense of humor. Keep it up man, and cheers. :) luuuurvaaae yooouu! :D

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!

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@zensky : “Mazel tov!” and a hearty Hawai`ian “Ho`omaikai!”

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Congrazenulations to one of my favorite denizens of this lofty realm!!

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Whew!!! Finally. Congrats. 10X over.:-)

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CONGRATULATIONS many, many times over. :D

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Seriously??? @zensky stayed around to hit a 10k? That’s amazing!!! Congrats! I’m sure you would be at 40k by now if you would just sit still!!

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Really? No really? Seriously? He made it to 10k without closing the account? @zensky have you run out of variations on the word zen? Whatever the case may be, I am glad to finally be able to welcome you to the 10k Mansion! Congratulations!

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Congratulations to one of my all time favourite jellies. I cannot imagine what your real ‘lurve’ score is but I do know it would be astronomical! Well done @zensky.

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The zero
the one with four zeroes
nothingness !
You have accomplished nothing, and that is everything. Masterful.
We await your next moment.

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@dabbler – that is, well, masterful and very zenly, has attributes of zenliness!

@zensky – I just don’t know what to say, are we friends today? if you are not annoyed with me, then congrats! Actually congrats even if you are annoyed!

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By my calculations, @zensky and all of his incarnations that I can find, have at least 57,682 total lurve. :-o

Zensky 10038
zen 7766
sea_zen 27
seazen_ 4766
seazen 6025
zenele 8143
Zen_Again 9842
NewZen 3477
Zen 7598

However, I realize that as a single entity, he would have less because of the max-out limits.

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Do you have SS #‘s, passports and a DL for every Zen alias?
Damn, you’re clogging the system with all your zentrifical motion.
What happens if you come up missing, will there be Zen alerts posted on the highways?

Congrats on the 10k. I think your next name should be ” The mask of Zen.” lol

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Congrats Zen! Enjoy the party ;)

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Zen grats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There is no compariZen

A doZen CongratulaZens to You!

froZen pancakes for you!

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It’s about damn time we got to have this celebration! Many, many congratulations, my friend. :)

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Congo Rats, and welcome to Fluther!
You are one of the reasons I love this site! Thanks for making me laugh!

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Holy SHIT! You actually let this happen? Well, then a hearty congratulations to you, sir, as well as a naked pancake dinner. Boobies galore!

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Did I mention @WillWorkForChocolate is one of the jellies swimming topless?

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I’m shocked. I never thought this day would come… I don’t know what to say except congratulations!! You’re one of my favorites around here and I hope you stay around forever and ever. Keep on keepin’ on! :-)

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Okay kids show’s over. Nothing to see here. Go home.

Thanks guys – lurve ya all to bits. And Wunday/Daloon – I do keep my word.

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@zensky Sorry I was off on something else when you’re last few points came in.

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Congratulations! you definitely earned them :D

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OMG! Stop the presses…Newsflash, zensky loves me!!!!
Miracles do happen! lolol

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@zensky I never doubted you for a second.

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Zen, you came without me?
Well I guess you finally had to let it happen.
Happy day!

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This… This is a big day in Fluther history.

And since I forgot to mention it in my earlier post…
Congratulations to a damn fine jelly!!

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Congrats! Again, only this time it’s officially official. Have you ever tallied up your non-@zensky lurve? What was it?

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It’s probably 57097+awesomesauce.

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@zensky I never thought I’d see this day. Congratualtions on taking the most roundabout, pointless point filled path yet conceived to reach the 10K mansion.

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Darn. I’m late. Fine, I’ll just watch out for the next @zensky incarnation’s 10K party. Could its avatar be that of Capt. Picard with hair-?

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Oy! Seems to me we’ve been this way before…
Congrats on the 10k!
Your Mom must be kvelling.

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Three letters of wisdom…


—tZen Congratulations!!!

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What happens?...It looks right here.

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Glory-oskies!!! I never thought I’d see this day—congratulations! I’ve followed your reincarnations and general avoidance of the mansion since I was a young pup lurking here. I shall raise a special glass in your honor today, Zen. Peace to you!

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Congratulations! Great work!

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Zengratulations @zensky !!

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Thanks jells. Sniff.

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It happened, it actually happened! Congrats, dude! I know you hate the attention but we’re gonna pile it on anyway.

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Never thought I’d see the day…
Congrats @zensky… O.O

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Mazel Tov Chaver!

Kol HaKavod Zensky!

WTF happened?

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Thanks Bubbele. I promised Daloon to stop futzing around and kept my word.

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Congratulations capt.!

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@zensky I saw the posting about the 10K but did not believe it could be true OR that you would still be here in this incarnation a day later. I am stunned, amazed, and delighted! Although I must admit to missing SeaZen as he was so much sharper and wittier . . . :)

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LOL – He was smarter – better-looking too.

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I imagine all the different zen-incarnations lined up in some kind of display chamber — similar to how Tony Stark displays all his past armor.

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It’s about frickin time! You are soooooooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooow!

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Oy Vey ! Will wonders never cease ?

FINALLY. We get to congratulate and laud you properly, you little shy violet :)

You really are a great part of this site. Wouldn’t be the same without you.

Welcome to the Mansion. Enjoy.

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Thanks @Buttonstc @Dutchess_III @cprevite @Kayak8 @_Whitetigress @janbb @MilkyWay @Mariah @erichw1504 and all the jellies… doncha love the Fluther @ thingey?!

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Congrats! I’m sorry I missed the party. If I had a heads up I could’ve made something for the party. :(

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@Pandora Just bring your box. Nothing more required. :-)

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@Pandora It’s ok – I usually miss them, too.

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Hey! You have to help me think up a banner for you, Zen! Using the word / color…chartreuse…

Pandora's avatar

@ETpro Last time I did that some idiot tried to open it. :(

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Oh man, I think I missed the party! I can’t believe I am so late to this one.

Zensky is my favorite name of Zen’s. I dreaded it being changed. I do miss Captain Piccard’s photo.

Mazel Tov!

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Someone posted a picture of @Zensky protesting against Violence for Women on Facebook. Most impressive.

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@Pandora Ha! I can imagine the trouble that set loose.

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@JLeslie Knew you’d make it – better late than… and make me a lemon merangue pie, please.

@Bellatrix – Watch me now…—

JLeslie's avatar

@zensky Lemon Meringue sounds like a good idea. I might actually make one. Too bad you aren’t here to have a slice.

JLeslie's avatar

Decided on chocolate pudding pie because I had all the ingredients. Lemon next time.

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Sounds like a plan, ma’am.

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I must apologize for showing up so late and without any beer. But I’m here now, so let the party continue.

I finally got the workman to finish installing the 200 seat stadium-style theater installed next to the rec room at the mansion. For our first viewing, we of course will be hosting a marathon run of Star Trek the Next Generation. First the TV shows, then the movies. I got This Guy (only not with this hair) to do some warm up before the show starts, and he graciously agreed to bring along his guest as well. She thought it would be fun because she’s never seen any episodes of STNG. Oh, and did I mention that each seat in the theater has its own replicator? So if you want popcorn, nachos or Earl Grey hot, all you gotta do is ask. And we got you this special Seat for your movie viewing pleasure. Hope you likey : )

After the show, You Know Who will be joining all of the Fluther gang in a singalong. Oops! I pressed the wrong button, I meant This Chap

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@Kardamom That was infinitely shorter than your usual posts. I am offended deeply.

Kardamom's avatar

^^ True dat : )

Dutchess_III's avatar

^^^^^ SHE DID IT AGAIN!!!!!

This is for you Zenny!

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@Dutchess_III That is hilarious!

Dutchess_III's avatar

Isn’t it though! The athleticism it takes to appear to be THAT bad! I love it. My daughter was a level10 gymnast at one time…she could do aerials on the balance beam (which gave me heart attacks….I couldn’t watch.) I thought she was going to die laughing at it!

rooeytoo's avatar

It is somehow slightly offensive and yet hilarious at the same time! No bare or bouncing breasts though so don’t know if the boys will appreciate it.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

That is frikkin’ hysterical, and he does a nice job on a few of the elements, lol.

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@Dutchess_III OMG! I was just wondering the other day why the fellows don’t do the balance beam! That’s my favorite event. This was awesome!

Dutchess_III's avatar

@rooeytoo How in the world could it be offensive??

zensky's avatar

I laughed a lot as did my daughter the ex-gymnast.

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@Dutchess_III – it always grates on me a bit when males ridicule what women do. Males do not compete on the balance beam (I don’t think) but there this guy is dressed up like a female and poking fun at a highly skilled female pursuit. I know, I am very sensitive, perhaps overly so, but that is the way I feel.

But as I said, he was very funny and very good.

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Lighten up, put another shrimp on the barby. It’s just a parody – and he’s certainly got skills.

dabbler's avatar

Truly, it’s a paraody, and a well-done one. It’s hardly a ridicule of what women do. It seems to come from the greatest admiration of the challenges of the beam and well illuminates what many of us of all genders imagine their own predicament might be if attempting to perform on it. if anything it’s a poke at the rarified air that only super-elite athletes of all stripes share.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Time out guys! Let’s take the discussion on the gymnast to this question so we can get back to the partay!!!

WHEEEEEEEE for Zen!!!!

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@zensky You sure know how to party :P

Dutchess_III's avatar

Wasn’t he awesome on that balance beam?! That was really him, you know. You seen this on the internets so you know it’s true. :)

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