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What's the punishment for a user who uses their alternate account to self-lurve?

Asked by Brian1946 (29788points) August 2nd, 2012

What I’m referring to is someone who uses their alternate account to give a GA or GQ to one of their own posts.

Is the perp given a warning, temporarily banned, or permabanned for the first offense?

I remember one particularly obnoxious troll who did that, but I’m not sure if it was banned afterward, or if it once again just deleted its account.

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Is it the shallow fucker award for services to narcissism?

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Who would do that?

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I don’t have an alternate account. Ridiculousness like that never ocurred to me.
Who does that?

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The punishment is knowing in their heart how pathetic they are.

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@Trillian I immediately thought of you on reading this question.

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^^ Shut up, Load!

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For those who are curious about someone who committed self-lurving:

If you scroll up once you get to that page, you’ll probably see who the culprit was.

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I would think they would be banned.

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I would expect that all of his/her accounts would be banned. This is the policy at one other Q&A site that I am on.

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If I remember correctly, their alternate account is closed, they receive a stern reprimand (last warning before ban), and the lurve points are subtracted.

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Thanks for your well-detailed answer. :-)

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I was wondering why someone would self-lurve. It’s not like you can buy anything with it.

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My understanding is the lurve gamer is given a warning and a lurve penalty is imposed for a first offence. The lurve they scammed is removed. Their alternate account is also banned. If they do it again, their primary account is banned.

It doesn’t happen often but there certainly have been cases where members do this. If a member suspects this is happening, please send a message to a moderator.

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@syz and @Bellatrix are correct. A very stern warning, subtraction of the ill-gotten lurve points, alternate account banned. If it ever happens again, the primary account is banned. It doesn’t happen often, but probably more often than you’d think.

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The reward is the karma of… being that much of a dick.

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Thanks for your most authoritative confirmation. ☺

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I self lurve all the time. That’s how I reached 10k so quickly. I confess, ya hear me, I confess!!!

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@zensky Yeah, we all buy that.

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Keel hauling.

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Wow, that never, ever, has even crossed my mind.
Yep, I think they should be given a scarlet N for narcissist that is pasted on all their avatars. lol
Egads, I so loathe egos the size of Texas. Get a rope, I’ve got the horse and the hangin’ tree. haha

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@Coloma: lynching jokes? seriously?

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Haha…yes. Gotta string up those narcissists quick like. lol

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@Coloma: I found the mentions of Texas and lynching in the same breath to be disturbing. Although black people were lynched all over the U.S., come to think of it…

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Didn’t they lynch white people too?

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Moronic idiotic behavior is what it is!

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But why should one do that? It’s no use.

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Must wear clothing to the next nekked pancake party. Oh, the embarrassment!

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@bookish1 Disclaimer: Totally innocent humor, not intended with any disrespect and any associations between Texan sized egos and lynching was purely accidental. I am not militantly PC FYI.

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Am I missing something? How much lurve could you give yourself? Like 25 points or something? How is that even worth the trouble. How is it worth the trouble if it was 25,000 points? At most it’s just kind of a pat on the back. Giving yourself points is just dumb. You would know that you did it and so it’s not even worth the atta boy/girl that you might get from some other jelly.

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We’ve had people give themselves hundreds of points, by using multiple alternate accounts. As for why, I haven’t a clue.

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I confess!!! I did it once! I logged in as Val123, went to one of my posts and lurved the hell out of it, and carried on about how great Dutchess_III is! Just for the hell of it. ;}~

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Some people get very wound up by the ‘lurve’ system. Why do people do anything? Sometimes there is no logic to human behaviour.

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I’m guessing that it’s kind of like self pleasuring.

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Honestly people? If you have to self lurve, don’t do it on Fluther. If you catch my drift.

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I agree with @Mr_Paradox. Get a room!!

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I suspect that maybe a few still do this on here. I’m not sure it’s all about lurve either, but a way to get back at people. It’s a shame that people would take disagreeing with them on a topic so far.

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Here’s some typical porn for a self-lurver. ;-p

Don’t worry peeps- the above is very SFW. ;-)

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^^ good one.

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I am very caught up in the lurve system. It makes me feel like I’m helping someone and they think that was great. It makes me happy inside.

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