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What are some good part time jobs for teenagers interested in technology?

Asked by pcmonkey (427points) August 2nd, 2012 from iPhone

I’m 15, really interested in technology, and would like a part time job that pays well. And even though the question does not state it I’m actually interested in working anywhere other than a restaurant or food joint. Working at the Apple Store would be the dream job for me. However, I’m planning on doing this in college because you have to be 18 or older to work there.. So could you please help me out? I live in Gwinnett County in case you can find some job listings.

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“Technology”? It seems like you want to work retail, but you want the goods to be non-food.

If you are interested in programming, learn how to code. Then get your feet wet by volunteering to create a website or app for a friend, or write an app for Android or iOS. If you feel more confident, check out and pick up a beginner project.

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Make something that you’ll enjoy personally. Be it a website, a game, or even your own computer. Be passionate about it for yourself first, and be passionate about it for others second. That’s really a key to success for anything in life.

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Find PC fixit places and slave yourself out for minimum wage OJT. Work for a tech store like Frys, or learn how to write helper scripts in various languages and hire yourself out as a consultant to improve small business work processes…Visual Basic, Perl, JavaScript…batch processing, query optimization, repetitive task automation. Or learn how to write phone apps for making office workers more productive on the go.

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Where’s Gwinnett county? Since you live there and we don’t, you probably have a better chance at finding job listings than we do.

Who wouldn’t like a part-time job that pays well. You may have to lower your standards with an internship or entry-level job while you are still in HS.

The advice about what technical skills to acquire is a good starting place.

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