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What do you do in your lucid dreams?

Asked by Sayd_Whater (439points) August 2nd, 2012

I’ve been a lucid dreamer since I can remember and I’m wondering what do you do in your lucid dreams?

By the way, recentely when I realize I’m in a nightmare I try to wake up, but usually I just end up in another dream… And although I know I’m dreaming sometimes is really frustrating not being able to wake up as I used to… So I’m also wondering if this happens to you as well…

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Never experienced a lucid dream, though I’m keenly interested in the subject. I’m considering purchasing the Remee Dream Mask which uses lights to cue the sleeper into recognizing and controlling the dream. Haven’t made up my mind yet; would appreciate your feedback.

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I’ve tryed to help other people into doing it but I couldn’t do it so far.
I’ve never heard of such tecnology so I can’t tell if it works but I don’t think you should purchase anything.
I only use concentration and a couple of tricks to be sure that I’m in a dream by doing the impossible stuff.
I believe everyone must have this power they just don’t know how to use it or they don’t concentrate enough.

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Thanks for the valuable feedback.

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