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Can all futuristic things in movies be made in real lifetime? As of now?

Asked by Alina1235 (373points) June 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

like the cars
the computers that think for people
medicine, really powerful weapons
if its possible to think of these things for movies, why not for mass production where computer is nothing but a transparent sheet you just unfold?

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well, it’s quite simple, technology is still too limited, products would be too bulky for example, and it’s still too hard to program an A.I., on the bright side though, we’re seeing an technological revolution in size right now, processors are getting smaller, for instance, what really rocked my world was the via itx pico, that’s right, it’s around the size of a playing card… so technology is evolving rapidly, we’re just too busy to notice ;)

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iwa I know and totally realize all of that. I mean my iPhone still baffles my mind LOL, but we really have evolved in our imagination for the movies, that if we can make special affects work so well, why not make make it all real LOL

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Cars, computers and powerful weapons are already out =P

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The shits out, you’re just out of the loop.

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