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What should I do or go while I am in Japan?

Asked by shego (11083points) August 3rd, 2012

I am going on a two week business trip with the company that I for to Kyoto, Japan in September. I will have three days to go sightseeing and do whatever I want, and I was wondering if any of you had any ideas where I should go visit, and what I should do. I am planning on visiting some shrines, and an onsen (hot spring). So what are some things I should add on my list to do?
Also I am asking this in the social section because I would love to hear some of you stories, if you’ve ever been

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That is pretty much all I am familiar with in Kyoto to do. Shopping in their malls are interesting. They have awesome gadgets.
You can travel to Disneyland there or there is an awesome amusement park that use to have the wildest steepest roller-coaster. Scary as hell and I don’t get scared easily. It also had a water park that had some scary water slides. There stuff isn’t all mild. Go with a partner. Getting out of some of the pressure waves can be tough. It wasn’t just me. I would see tall guys get knocked about. It was fun though. Tokyo is of course fun to see.
Warning about ordering steak there. If you like well done steaks to medium well, expect raw meat that has a slight tan. I could never seem to get them to cook it past bloody, so I stopped ordering red meat. Stay with fish. That they can seem to cook all the way. Beef in any other form is ok, so long as its in thin like strips or ground beef.
Of course this was over 14 years ago so maybe they have changed, and I only tried three different times at 3 different restaurants. But its really, really expensive to order a steak there. I’m sure that hasn’t changed.

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There are lots of castles and shrines. I would add to your list Japanese gardens, of which there are several.

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Definitely go to the Imperial Palace in Kyoto. There is also a lot of shopping in Kyoto if you like that sort of thing for souvenir type things, and you can see the Geisha’s come out at night.

You can take a high speed train to Tokyo for an overnight stay, and get a chance to see Tokyo, which is a fabulous city.

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I lived in Japan for four years, although not in Kyoto, but I toured the city and surrounding places. The whole area is rich in rare cultural treasures.

Here is a list on one web site of some of the most famous things to do. Don’t miss the zen gardens or Nijo-jo, the Imperial Palace.

The nearby city of Nara has many wonderful sights to take in as well. It’s a short train trip away.

I would skip Tokyo. It’s a great city, but if you only have three days of sightseeing, then spend them in and around Kyoto. There is more than enough to see.

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Nikko was particularly interesting for me but that was 40 years ago. Very historic place, and a bit off the beaten path at that time. Not far by train.

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Thanks, I am going to take some time to see what I will have the time, and energy for. But I am always open to more suggestions, like restaurants I should go to, foods I should try. I was told that during one of my free days, that there should be a festival going on at a shrine too.
@Pandora I will make sure to order a kobe steak lol
@marinelife thanks, I didn’t even think about visiting any gardens, thanks for the idea
@JLeslie that is on my list, and I am going to do some research, so I know a little about the Imperial Palace
@Hawaii_Jake Wow, thanks, that is really awesome, I knew there was a lot to see but I had no idea it was that extensive. I really have to do my homework now
@majorrich you know me so well, I have always wanted to see the Nikkō Tōshō-gū shrine. I saw some pictures of it when my parents were in Japan right before I was born.

Thank you all so very much for your suggestions

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@shego Take the tour at the palace. I don’t remember if you have to by the tour to walk through there anyway, but if it is optional take the tour.

I remember a travel book I read had a suggestion of walking tours through Kyoto. One was a shrine tour, and then there were others. I don’t remember well. I only bring it up because maybe if you google walking tours it might help you pkan a day of walking around. It might have been Fodor’s or Frommer’s? One of the popular travel books, again I don’t remember well.

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