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I've just finished my exams, how should I celebrate?

Asked by Tennis5tar (1263points) June 2nd, 2008
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Tequila and shopping! – And Congrats :)

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don’t get your hopes up too soon remain humble and patient.

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Congratulations Tennis. What exams were they for?

Seven…that is excellent advice. Really, really spot on I think.

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I’m not getting excited about how well I’ve done (or not), I wanna celebrate because I have done a year of sudy against the odds (and on my own) and managed to get through it.
Although having said that, I do have a good feeling about the results of the last few… we’ll see.

Thank you, you guys!

@wildflower: Shopping has been ticked off… Now I just need to hunt down some tequila!

@osakarob: Not huge ones, but they are AS Level exams. First year 6th Form in England. The results are conditional on me continuing to get the results needed for University entry.

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One part gin, one part half & half, one part orange juice concentrate, several ice cubes and a blender. Congrats!

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sex, drinks/drugs, sleep, eat – in any order you’d like.

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By getting the heck off the computer and going outside :)

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Throw a pizza party!

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Lucky so and so. I still have two exams on Wednesday, which subjects did you take? I’ve just got Chemistry left to do, I won’t celebrate once I finish heh, I see no need to, just more exams to come as more exams go.

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Sit and stare at the wall for about an hour and enjoy the fact that you have no school responsibilities for the rest of the summer ..then get some friends together and go get some food and a few drinks.. What more could you need?

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@Skyrail: I took Government and Politics, Maths and Law. You’ve gotta celebrate, it’s something to look forward to at the very least!

@Fallstand: Got something organised for Thursday… thanks!

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Politics and law hey? Not my thing at all, not at all haha. Well I hope you get the grades you want, and party hard on my behalf as well ;)

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@Skyrail: I will party twice as hard for you! Hope your exam goes well on Wednesday…

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@alina, its actually mojitos. but that is a good suggestion anyway

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