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What's the deal with Scientology?

Asked by sarahsugs (2898points) June 29th, 2007

Can someone please explain what they believe and why it's controversial and what Tom Cruise has to do with it all anyway.

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It's very difficult to figure out a lot of their belief system from the outside, because they won't tell you a lot of it until you've bought their books and are taking their seminars. A friend and I went to one of their recruiting centers out of pure curiosity and the people staffing it refused to answer a lot of basic questions about what the religion believes. Basically, all I've got to offer is this: it's a system of self-improvement, it's based on the science fiction writings of L. Ron Hubbard, you have to go to a lot of seminars that you have to pay for to move up in the ranks, and Tom Cruise is their most well-known and outspoken follower. And the membership questionnaire that I stole states that you cannot be taking psychiatric medication or a prescriber (although they say "pusher") of psychiatric medication and seemed to imply that one cannot take insulin, either.

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I actually stumbled onto scientology back before it got well known because of an ebook. If you've got time, this is a very good e-book, free and informative (hopefully)

Road to Xenu. Word to the wise though, read the whole thing. if you stop halfway through you will most likely want to go run out and find your local Scientology church.

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In my opinion it is dangerous...stay away from it!

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Here's a web site that reveals Scientology secrets in great detail. While the site owner of 'Operation Clambake' ( ) obviously has an ax to grind, he seems to grind it as objectively as possible, using as much original source material as he can. If you believe everything he says, this post will be removed within minutes and I will be served with a suit by Scientology lawyers for simply posting the link.

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That video will probably be pulled soon….

Ignore the last part as it is just pure hate. The first part is quality though.

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