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Who would like to join me in congratulating Qingu for reaching 20K?

Asked by Brian1946 (27026points) August 3rd, 2012

Here’s cheers to one of my favorite and one of our most incisive and articulate advocates for progressive and environmental causes.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow, first to the party. Dibs on the margaritas!

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Congratulations! Doesn’t that 20,000 look great? Don’t you wish it was gold bullion?
I don’t know what gold bullion is, but it sounds good!

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Congrats to an amazing intellect. We don’t always agree, but that’s life.

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Congrats on 100111000100000 lurve!

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Congratulations @Qingu. Your voice is one of the more sensible ones on fluther and I, for one, am glad you choose to share your wisdom with us.

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Congratulations @Qingu! I don’t always agree with you, but always find your responses interesting. Welcome to the mansion. We’ve been waiting for you.

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CONGRATULATIONS! (I refuse to argue with you today :-)

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20K cheers! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/.....
and Congratulations too!

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Whoo! Congratulations!

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Yeah I would !

Congratulations to a wicked pissah jelly.

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I find you acerbic and disinclined to see anything good about myself or people like me, but your criticism does give me food for thought. Thanks to you, I can better hone my thinking.

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Enjoy the party!

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There’s something seriously wrong with Fluther’s lurve system if it took this long for @Qingu to reach 20k.

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Oh, Quigu. You bring so much to fluther. Congrats!

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@Sunny2 It’s used to make soup. :P

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OH WOW! 20K for one of the coolest jellies around! CONGRATSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It so happens I’m drinking sake right now so here’s a sake toast to you @Qingu! Banzai!

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Happy 20 K Day! Congo Rats and a Great Googlie Woogliie to you!

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Qingu! OMG awesome! Congrats! You win Olympic gold on your 20k!

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20k? I really would have thought for sure it would be more like 40k. Shows that I don’t really pay attention to how much lurve people have, even though I like to dole out the GA’s. You are on of my favorite jellies! Congratulations!

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Congratulations, Qingu, Fluther’s voice of reason :)

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Hell yeah, congratulations! You’re one smart jelly, and I really appreciate all that you bring to Fluther’s table, I learn a lot from you. Plus, of course, your avatar kicks ass. Cheers man. :)

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Congrats, Qingu! Smart as a whip, and can sting like one, too. I’m glad you’re here!

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Always great with sources, congratulations!

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20K Quo-ngratulations!!

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Kingu, Quingu, well done your majesty, enjoy your mansion quarters!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congratulations @Quingo and thank you for your great contribution to Fluther. Always interesting, intelligent and articulate.

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Hey @Qinku Is it my imagination or is it getting warmer in here?
Congrats on the 20k!

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Congrats @Qingu!
I always enjoy reading your posts and learn quite a bit from them. It’s great to have you on here :D

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Mazel Tov @Quingu!

You are astute, articulate and opinionated – fine qualities in a Jelly!

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Rats! Late to the party again. Congratulations, @Qingu!

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Sooo… ah, where is Mr. @Qingu?

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Edit: I should have said “fine qalities”!

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What!!!!!!!!!! I get missed it! So sorry Q!

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A personal attack. Seriously?

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@bkcunningham I agree. You both go back and forth with each other all the time. If we all agreed all the time life would be so so boring.

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@MilkyWay My absolute fav, saw them three times.

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@MilkyWay You obviously never saw Bon Scott live, but that guy was wild.

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I’m sorry to be so late, this weekend has been a super busy one! Congrats for reaching this well deserved achievement, and keep on keepin’ on! :-)

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Well, thanks and stuff, everyone

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Sorry to be late to the party. Congrats. I would have thought you had reached 20K a long time ago.

You definitely articulate things well. Great accomplishment.

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A personal attack in your congrats thread should be an award. And thank you for saying what I wanted to without all the profanity I would have used.

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Congratulations Qingu. Your input and knowledge is much appreciated.

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I can always count on you to fuck with the people that need to be fucked with.

Never stop.

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Congratulations @Qingu!

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Congratulations to one of the toughest debaters that I’ve gone against, though I probably agree with you on most things believe it or not.

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Congrats, I truly love reading your posts. :)

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I’m sorry I’m so late, I was over at Zen’s party trying to keep the Ferengi’s out of the onion dip and explaining to everybody that Keeping Up with the Cardassians has nothing to do with Bruce Jenner.

In the meantime, I had the interior designers working on something just for you.

Because you are one of the smartest Jellies on Fluther, we installed a personal Think Tank in your quarters so that you can think big thoughts whilst soothing your aching muscles.

Last night I stayed up all night fixing these Nifty Appetizers for you.

After dinner, I thought we could all retire to the New Library which is just for you. Hope you likey : )

Keep up the great, intelligent answers!

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