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Anyone know how to track keystrokes on a macbook?

Asked by flash74686 (478points) August 3rd, 2012

My younger brother (who is grounded for his drug use) is sneaking out at night. My mom took away his phone, but he keeps doing it. She wants proof that he’s using facebook to get in contact with his friends before she takes the computer away entirely (he needs it for school work over the summer). She can’t trust anything he says because he’s lied about absolutely everything since Homecoming last year, when he abandoned one of his friends who passed out drunk in a ditch.

Currently, his laptop is broken and he’s been using my old macbook (which is still on leopard osx). I was wondering if there was any way to monitor his activity to get his facebook password and see for ourselves.

Normally my mother and I wouldn’t invade his privacy, but he’s really at risk of hurting himself. He drinks, smokes, gets high off of cough syrup, and recently, my mom found out that he was trying to take my dog’s arthritis pills (an opiate). And that’s just what we know of.

I was wondering if there was any freeware for the mac that we could use, or something. Any ideas?

Edit: Sometimes, he uses the PC downstairs. If there literally is nothing we can do on the mac (without spending a ton of money), any ideas for the desktop?

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How about browser history for a start? Go to a certain website that you know other people will not go on. For instance, say, “San Diego Zoo.” Google that, then leave it there. Chances are you brother will try and delete all history or within the day, so make sure you do a Google search of something unique before giving him the laptop. This is one way, of course he could defend himself saying he always deletes browsing history for the sake of… well I don’t know haha.

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Found this, you can torrent it just get a bit torrent software (torrent software )
And then download the app from this site:
Link for software

BTW when you are ready to download the app after you have already installed utorrent…don’t click on the big green download button but the one below that with a magnet icon that says get this torrent.

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Can I pop in here and say that keylogging isn’t the right way to deal with this problem? If your younger brother is a drug addict, you should probably be talking to him about it rather than trying to figure out his Facebook password.

You say you’d do it for proof, but I don’t think you need it. The use, and the stealing of the pills is proof enough. What you need now (in my opinion of course) is to have a genuine conversation to try and help him. You have all the evidence you need.

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Why not just turn on the parental lock and only allow access to the work related sites.

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