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What are you going to get your dad for father's day?

Asked by jcs007 (1765points) June 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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nothing, dad knows i disapprove of consumer hollidays

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my dad dont deserve even a phone call from my sister and I..

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The ulitmate gift of 2008— a pre- paid gas card.

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His favorite cologne—Aspen.

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A phone call to let him know I’ll be visiting in August.

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he will get a “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAD!!!” from me. my parents NEVER accept gifts, so this year i decided to stop trying. whatever i get them, they either return it or use it for someone else. For example, I once got my mom a foot massage thing, ...she returned it! 40$ mall gift card….she bought my cousins some clothes with that money! i give up.

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She may enjoy the gifts, just for other purposes PnL.

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if that’s the case, she has a weird way of showing it since she always says “stop wasting your money on these gifts! we don’t need anything and we don’t want you spending your money when you can be saving for college.”

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me! Literally! Were going to see my parents in vegas after not seeing them for a year and a half

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Im going to get him new dress up shoes : )

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Movie gift certificates—my dad loves going to the movies.

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My father passed on over 25 years ago. I got my son, a new father, some new pants, since his clothing budget is zero.

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