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Can someone please explain the "appeal" and celebrity status of an ex-reality "star"?

Asked by zensky (13357points) August 4th, 2012

I understand why some people like Big Brother or Fear Factor and their ilk, however, why would an ex-participant interest me post production?

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Because you are shallow and vapid?

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Some questions are just impossible to answer…......

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I would if I could, but I can’t, because I don’t feel the appeal . . .

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I don’t even understand the appeal of the realty shows to begin with, I’m clueless.

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Couldn’t tell ya. Part of the phenomenon of being famous for being famous — not because you’ve actually done anything of merit or real interest.

Thank you Paris Hilton.

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You have watched someone lie and cheat while competing in a competition. You feel you know them.
Not that they appeal to you, but you understand them.

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I denno. I have enough of a life of my own that I don’t need to watch the lives of others for hours on end.

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I have no idea why anyone would be interested in a ‘has-been’ celebrity or a former cast member in a ‘reality show’. I totally do not understand the appeal of these shows – to me the networks on which they air are catering to the lowest common denominator of intelligence (& maybe that is the clue for which you are looking – too many people of lesser intelligence find these has-been celebrities & former cast members of reality shows to be endlessly fascinating).

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I don’t get it either. That’s probably because I’m an XY chromosome holder. When I go to the grocery store there are tons of magazines and rag newspapers featuring articles about some celebrity and how her butt is bigger or how she was dumped by him, or is seeing her or, blah blah blah. Without exception, that junk is purchased by XX chromosome holders. Why? Maybe they are bringing them home to their husbands, but I think that is unlikely.
It is a mystery – and best left that way.

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Some people are attracted to celebrities, no matter how small their celebrity, because it might feel like it is the closest they will ever get to someone famous enough to appear on TV. In addition, they might actually like the person.

I think some people feel like they aren’t much. It makes a big deal to them to know someone that a lot of other people know. It makes them feel almost next to being famous. Perhaps there is a kind of halo effect. We’ve had questions like that here, where people ask if you have had any meetings with famous people. It is kind of cool when it happens, I think, for a lot of people.

I could speculate further, but really, it’s just speculation. I don’t know if you would even get a satisfactory answer from someone who was one of these people. It’s hard to imagine them having sufficient powers of introspection to tell a convincing story. But I think, to boil it down to one word, it’s status.

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Because we’re living in an era of bread and circuses.

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I have a friend of mine who was on Survivor. He was quite popular, and made it to the final group. Whenever I’m with him, people always come up to him and ask for his autograph. He takes it in good stride and keeps a supply of Survivor post cards with his mug on it, but he wishes it would just go away.

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@Rarebear: I am a fan of the show and am not the least embarrassed to admit it. Are you able to mention the guy’s name? It must be an extraordinary experience.

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@Rarebear Pics or it never happened.

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@zensky Not going to happen. I see him once a month at a meeting at a group we both belong in, and I value his privacy. I actually never watched Survivor and had no idea he was on the show until other people started coming up to him on the street.

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We live in a time where many people want to be celebrities, so much so that they’ll do very desperate things to accomplish this. It doesn’t matter if it’s the bigtime, notoriety or the 15 minute brand either. TV is full of programs today that further encourages this trend, from reality shows to cooking shows to American Idol. To be honest with you I don’t know why, but the foundation that is in place today definitely encourages this trend of wannabeism.

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Rarebear: You value his privacy? Hahahahaha.

If you watch only one episode of Survivor, you will note that the contestants volunteer enthusiastically and competitively in order to humiliate, display and embarrass themselves in front of millions of viewers weekly for two months.

Unless your friend went on the show as a quick way to lose weight, he no longer has any shame.

You should have a look at at least one episode to see what the Zeitgeist of the times encompasses.

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Yeah – What. she said. So get us some pics with the celeb.

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@gailcalled @zensky Appreciate the interest. If the opportunity arises, I’ll get a picture with him. But I feel a little odd about it as I’ve never seen the show, and I know him in an environment that has absolutely nothing to do with celebrity status.

Just as a point of interest, I had dinner last night with another minor celebrity (I say minor because only science and space geeks who are hooked into the online community of science writing would have any clue who she is). Not going to say her name as in a recent online event there were some really terrible sexist things said about her. But we had a delightful time.

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And I need an authenticated autograph.

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The autograph I can get you, no problem. It’s just the picture I am uncomfortable with.

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@Rarebear: I’ll PM @zensky with the his picture from the “Survivor” archives.

He is one of the most unlikely celebrities anyone might come across, but a charming and self-effacing man with a good brain and some common sense, who is also the antithesis of a matinee idol.

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Dated and signed by the hero, please.

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Sure. Do you want it to “Zensky”? or do you want your real name (which you can PM me and I won’t tell anybody).

It may be awhile before I see him again. I’ve missed the last few events.

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Ooh. Ooh. I want to call someone’s bluff, too! Yeah. I can piss further than any of you!

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I’ll PM my real details no problem. I skyped with Jake and even gotten books from the amazing Matt Browne.

If u recall a certain Zebra… he sent me a fluther sticker and a book. I sent him cash.

So, thanks. Sure.

Your move.

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Okay. Next time I see him. There was a meeting last night, but I was out of town.

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Bated breath,

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@zensky Now don’t be rude. I’m doing you a favor. If you really want the autograph I’ll get it for you. If you’re just doing it to prove something or to “call a bluff”, then you can forget about it.

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You know, the more I look at it, the more annoyed I am becoming at your “Bated breath” comment. Not only is it insulting when I am going out of my way to do something for you, but it implies that I’m either exaggerating or worse lying.

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Is asking for proof of something calling someone a liar? That doesn’t seem very scientific to me. Yes, asking for proof can be done in a bullying kind of way, but that doesn’t make the need for proof any less necessary.

I hope people will try to back down from the aggressive feelings generated here, and just make this happen in a normal way.

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I have no idea what you are on about: You know, the more I look at it, the more annoyed I am becoming at your “Bated breath” comment. Not only is it insulting when I am going out of my way to do something for you, but it implies that I’m either exaggerating or worse lying.

Perhaps you should just see your friend and have a nice time and don’t ask him for his autograph for me. I have no idea who he is anyways. Thanks!

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