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What do you do with bags of white rice?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) August 4th, 2012

I have tons of white rice that I usually avoid. I love fried rice and ricearoni. I dont cook rice well, except in the fried skillet manner. Should I get a rice cooker? What are easy ways to fix rice? and casseroles, some rice, a can of soup and chicken breast….does that really work?

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If you have more than you can use, put it in a sock. Microwave the rice-filled sock for a few seconds the next time you need a heat pack.

As for cooking it, I love it steamed or pilaf style. And you don’t need a rice cooker to make good rice. Yes, the soup, chicken breast & rice thing works. It’s not the best meal you can eat, but it’s decent.

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Here’s one for you. My mother called this Spanish Rice. It’s so far from Spanish, but that we her.
One cup rice
2 to 2 1\2 cup water.
Boil rice in water with some salt. Don’t let it boil dry
Brown some hamburger. Or whatever you like.
Crush up a can ot whole tomatoes
Mix in a can of tomato soup (condensed)
Mix everything together, season and bake at 350 for 35 to 40 minutes.
Or throw anything else in that you like.

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You can make rice pudding!
Or kheer…

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I like @tedibear‘s sock suggestion, lol. I was going to say use it for stuffing or trade it for brown rice. The glycemic index for white rice is 64 outt of 100. It’s not something you should be eating a lot of if you’re diabetic. Read this

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I use this rice cooker now, I love it since all I have to do is put the rice water and a little salt it push a button it plays a little song and it cooks it all for me and plays the song when its all done. It will even keep it warm for me for hours so if I am having a party it keeps the rice warm without making it dried out and hard. Before this rice cooker I had a simple black and decker steamer/rice cooker and it worked great for over 10 yrs before it finally died. Since I was so happy with that rice cooker I bought the above one, though its more expensive I liked that it kept the rice hot for long periods of time and you can cook more than just plain rice in it.

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I use a rice cooker. It is very easy and efficient.
Don’t bother to buy a new one. You can find them practically brand new at GoodWill for $5.
Rice is so versatile and goes with everything. If you have a source of it take advantage of the situation and experiment.

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I have a ton of pain and ice packs is an awesome idea. I dont eat white rice because of the sugars, but I have to economize in a big way.

and it’s in the pantry.

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I completely agree with the rice cooker suggestions above. I went to an Asian food store and picked one up. It cooks all different types of rice and porridge and makes it very easy (amount of water to rice is extremely easy to calculate).

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Here are a few recipes with food bank rice specifically in mind.

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Couldn’t live without a rice cooker

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If the bags are sealed the expiration date is probably a year from now. I would check it, and not worry about being in a rush to use it.

I love rice.

Rice and beans
Rice with lentils and fried onions
Rice with peas and bacon
Shrimp wrapped in bacon with rice
Stir fry

My husband loves his mom’s rice puddng.

I kind of remember once making rice balls that were good. They had cheese and jalapeƱos, I should try to find that recipe.

I have a rice cooker, but I usually don’t bother to use it.

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I was thinkin about rice balls. Would love to try it.

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Try it. I am sure there must be a bunch of recipes online. My mom made them a few times with mozerella and parmesian and then rolled in Italian bread crumbs, or something like that. You can make them with a variety of cheeses and flavors to compliment whatever country you are featuring that night. Mine were Mexicanish, my husband is Mexican. My mom’s Italian, she tended to make a lot of Italian food. For all I know each nationality/ethnicity has their own version of rice balls?

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Can you make a swap? or trade with someone else for something else if you have so much?

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Duh, when my dogs were sick rice was one of the things my vet recommended for them.

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Can a rice cooker be used to steam other things? I make my rice in my steamer and can steam things other than rice. If it’s possible, I might consider a rice cooker when my steamer dies.

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