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Public Radio International: Is it possible to listen just to the last 10 minutes of each date?

Asked by flo (12974points) August 4th, 2012

If first you have to find what you are looking for, can you listen to the podcast without downloading it, going to itunes etc.? I’m looking for a song at 5 minutes before the end a week or so ago.

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…“PRI: The World”

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My computer says open with or save. Open with allows you to open with itunes or windows media player, but it will still download the file before it opens it. The file synopsis gives an indication as to the music explored that day, but it looks like being able to listen requires a download of the file. So were you looking for king Louis’s violins, Bibi Tanga, Russian punk or Columbian mix? If you’re looking for Bibi Tanga’s global fusion, that’s the 27th.

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@DaphneT Thank you. Accidentally I found where to listen without downloading. I don’t know the name of the instrumental I heard by the way. I don’t believe it was introduced/discussed. If I click on Global Hit, the songs are discussed I thought it was around July 31 or 30th but neither of them is the one I heard., then I clicked on “RSS” under the “Latest Edition”
When I listened to the 31st, there is “Thanks to….” where the song should be. I don’t hear “Your Laugh of the Day” which comes just after the song. ...
Thanks again @DaphneT

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@DaphneT And I heard the 27th youasked me about but it is not.

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