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Of the people who have told you that they love you, how many have you dismissed as a liar or a fool?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) August 4th, 2012

Asking after a debate with a beautiful woman, who insists nobody ever has really fallen for her.

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Zero. Wouldn’t that be saying you do not find yourself loveable?
Sounds like this beautiful woman is playing the coy waif if you ask me, or she is so insecure she can’t believe someone could love her. I dunno, sounds suspect to me.

What a great ploy ” Oooh, poor me, nobody has ever really fallen for me.” I don’t buy it.

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I don’t think anyone who has said they love me has lied. I am very lovable!

I think people have said it before it was really true though. Not because they were lying or a fool but because they say the words “I love you” too freely and too soon. When a man has told me he loves me and I feel it is too soon, it usually leaves me feeling they are a bit desperate or clingy. I don’t think they were lying as much as infatuated rather than in love.

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I dated a girl who was a good friend’s cousin. I’d met her a couple of times at my friend’s family parties, and we went out may be three times. The last time she said she loved me, but she was drunk, and I don’t think we were ever together when she hadn’t had at least a few drinks. That one I figured she didn’t know what she was saying.

But I’ve never dismissed it from anyone else.

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None so far. To know me is to love me because it almost wouldn’t work out ant other way.

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None at all.

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No liars, but a few ‘fools’, sure.

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There have been a few that have expressed there honest love but I see it as foolish to show such emotion and not truly know what it means.
As for liars I do not know. its hard to calibrate the sense of love one person feels for another without knowing that person fully.

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A few. It was usually a case of manipulation. I’d be stressed about something that was important to me, they wouldn’t get it and would play the ‘love you’ angle so they wouldn’t have to deal with it. Subconsciously that seemed wrong so I’d view the person as lying to me. Of course they would view it as my being insecure, so there you have it, no one could possibly~ lie when they are saying ‘I love you’.

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I like to believe that when someone says “I love you”, they feel they are being honest.

That being said, I care more about their actions after having proclaimed that.

Ultimately, you can say whatever you want (even if you believe it), but it’s how you treat me that matters in the long run.

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I was taken in by one, but it was I who was the fool, although nothing untoward happened. The others were sincere and I treasure my time with them. The first one too. He was part of my becoming myself and learning that I controlled my own life.

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My first boyfriend said he loved me, but I don’t think he even knew me very well. I think what he loved was the way I made him feel.

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First, let me mention that I have embraced self-loathing, and find myself to be nearly unlovable.
Second, I have no doubt that some women have said they loved me, but were only trying to manipulate me.
Third, I truly believe that several misguided women truly, madly, deeply loved me.

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Only one and that’s not bad because I’ve been very loved, even by a few people who couldn’t make it work out well.

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Well, I’ve had a few men say it just to be saying it. They didn’t mean it.

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I believed them at the time, but after a little while, evidence was to the contrary.

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Where I come from we don’t throw the word “love” around. I love everyone I told it to and I believe the people that tell it to me feel the same way. So the score is 0 – 0

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About 75%, a crude estimate. Most of it was fair weather love.

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Most men that said they had love for me was a lie. i cant do anything. so i go home.

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I’ve dealt with a few liars. They thought if they said, “I love you” it would make my pants fall off. I can’t figure an exact percentage, though.

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In my youth, quite a few. It’s not so much that I thought they were lying, just that they didn’t really know what love was in the first place. What they called ‘love’ was more like ‘lust’ and ‘infatuation’. They were young and confused, that’s all.

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Most. Almost all.

Men in my experience don’t look before they leap. Most men are less complex than most women. They think they know everything about the object of their affections.

They’ve talked about things they’ve never told to anyone else. They mistake the high of shared secrets and acceptance for love. But a man who thinks he is in love is a delightful creature, and really, flattering. And very fragile. Very, very fragile.

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@athenasgriffin Um humm. Men have ONE criteria for “falling in love.” Women have 467.

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I think you ladies are not giving guys enough credit. I know the difference between lust, infatuation, and true love.

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I believe you @Adirondackwannabe. You are also very special. ;)

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@Adirondackwannabe, yes, well how many men do you know that also know the difference? I’ve met many men and only a rare few impressed me with their sense of self-contentedness such that I would believe them if they told me they loved me.

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@DaphneT I’m finding out a lot of guys don’t know. And a lot of guys don’t know know how to treat a lady. It sucks. I’m sorry.

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Don’t get me wrong. I like males, they all have potential, they just don’t bother to educate themselves to their potential. That lack of bother I don’t like. So, @Adirondackwannabe you now have your mission for life. Education of the Common Man. Convert more males to self-contentedness, which should include knowing the difference between lust, infatuation and true love.

Hmm, I think that have been two sitcoms on that topic already, or are there more?

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Hardly none. Except for one. He was a psycho.

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